Re-Launching my blog + Giveaway

Hey everyone,
Some of you may know this blog from before, because I have been using it for beta-reading and proofreading purposes. I decided to expand it to include my books and ARCs reviews, in addition to many miscellaneous activities. One of which will be giveaways just like this one.

I promised earlier this year that when I become the best reviewer in my country that I am going to do a giveaway. Well…

best reviewer.png

And I have just finished my 5th year in medicine, it was more brutal than the hunger games, here is a glimpse of what I went through in the finals month:

5th years books

And since I should keep my word, here is a giveaway.
It is easy peasy lemon squesy to enter:

* The giveaway prize is a paperpack book picked up by the winner.
* Just take a look around the blog (You don’t have to follow).
* I am gonna use Bookdepository to buy the book with direct shipping to the winner, so you should have an address they ship to.
* Like the GR post that made you see this and leave a comment with your favorite book there. And That’s it!
* The giveaway ends 24 hours after the GR post is posted!
* The winner will be picked up by a random name picker.

There will be more giveaways later so stay tuned!

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