Captive Prince #1 Review


 ebook, 240 pages
Historical Fiction/ LGBQT
By: C. S. Pacat

This book is controversial and this review is going to be controversial so seat belts on!


If you’re like me then you read almost all book genres except for Erotica, and this book is a M/M Erotica. So when you’re going to read something you’re not comfortable with then that’s that first part that we’re to blame ourselves.

You may have went into this not knowing anything about it and then you’re surprised by the content. If that is the case then OK, you’re not to be blamed.
But if you have heard about the thousand trigger warnings that all reviews have, if you know what you’re getting into and then you hate it, then I actually don’t know what to say!

This kind of books usually gets mixed reviews and it is either a love or hate for the book. But please don’t confuse the story itself with the structural integrity of the story. Let me explain further:
Some readers hate this because it mentions Raping, Flogging and even pedophilia. The author did not put these acts in the book because she encourages them. That is even mentioned in the book (That they take it too far and that they are barbarians). The author was writing a historical fiction and these things are indeed a part of history. You can do a simple Google Image search and then you will see all kinds of S***. So if this books gets a 1 star rating then I think that is not fair because the readers are rating the History and not the book. (If I were living in that time period then yes, I would give my life a 1 or 2 stars rating!!).

I myself did not expect to like this book but then I was captivated (Pun intended) by Pacat writing style. The vocabulary that she uses is mesmerizing! I wish I could write in her style. The characters were good but the world building and the plot were just average!


This is a character driven book, this does not focus on plot twists…etc although I like the political aspect in it. The world building was limited although it gives ancient Greece or Rome vibes!


“Is there anyone at this court who isn’t my enemy?
“Not if I can help it,” Laurent said.”

I am definitely continuing this series!

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