GoodBye Days Review


Paperback, 405 pages
By: Jeff Zentner

🌟 This book is a heavy book! Well, not quite literally but on the emotional level, this was so good. I added it to my short list of tear-worthy books. This book deals with many important topics but in a smooth way. This discusses death, bereavement, Grief, Self-Blame and friendships!

Now those may seem like a lot of topics for one book. I have read some books with multiple topics but they were choppy, intricate and all over the place. But as a medicine student I know how related are all of those subjects and the author did a great job at making things simple and organized.

🌟 Grief is not a new subject in books and this may not have brought something new to the table, but out of all the books I read regarding the subject this is probably my favorite!

🌟 My favorite thing in the book was the writing style; you can feel Zentner’s passion for writing and music in those pages. I saw some reviews that mentioned that this was a bit on the slower side of pacing but I may have been so immersed in the story that I technically flew through it in a couple of day! The writing style is definitely joining my fav list and I will read The serpent King because I already miss the writing style.

The opening sentence may have been the main reason I bought and read this, I saw it in the bookstore and couldn’t resist buying it because it is so interesting:

“Depending on who—sorry, whom—you ask, I may have killed my three best friends.”

🌟 The characters were great and alive. I felt connected to the MC (who was extremely relate-able btw) and his friends, which may seem weird when those characters are dead, but once again the description and the memories all helped making them as “3d” as possible. I have been following the author posts on social media, and he seems like a very good, very humane person and it is no surprise that he could write the said characters!

🌟 Conclusion and final rating:

If you are looking for a book that deals with loss and friendships, this is definitely on the recommendation list. This may not necessarily be a sad read but I certainly shed some tears reading it. 4.25 stars from me!

Glowing Star on Samsung Experience 9.1Glowing Star on Samsung Experience 9.1Glowing Star on Samsung Experience 9.1Glowing Star on Samsung Experience 9.1

“Funny how people move through this world leaving little pieces of their story with the people they meet, for them to carry.”


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