War Storm Review


Ebook, 672 Pages
YA/ Fantasy/ Fiction
By: Victoria Aveyard

🌟 This whole series felt like riding a roller coaster; books 1 and 2 were like that excited feeling when you’re going up, book 3 is when you start going down and book 4 is where there is no going back and you are contemplating all your life choices.

🌟 I am so disappointed by this book because I had so much expectations for it and then we get this! The saying : “All that glitters is not gold” could not be truer regarding this!

🌟 When I started this, I felt there was something off with it. I thought that maybe I am not in the mood to read it so I put it aside until I was in the mood, the same thing happens again and I just can’t get into the story. I DM my reading buddies (Sylvie and Kacy who were the perfect match for this BR) and guess what? they felt the same thing because literally nothing happens in the first 20 chapters or so!

🌟 All Aveyard books are divided into a mediocre half and a better half -which is the second half-. War storm is not an exception except that it is divided into bad and worse halves. I mean slow pacing, nothing happens, lame characters and too many locations (world building) are thrown into this mess.

🌟 The characters: my mini review on GR was all about characters so here is their description:

Maven: Mare and Cal, I love you both and I want to kill you both!
Mare: Maven ❤️… No, No… Cal ❤️…(He should apologize or I will keep being a *****) Maven ❤️… No, he’s hopeless… Cal ❤️ (I wish he would bring back that long chestnut hair), Maven ❤️….
Cal: I want the crown, I want Maven, I want Mare but the crown is more important!
Evangeline: Elane ❤️🤤
Iris: I want the whole world… Nymph rocks!
Farley: Was I even pregnant?
Kilorn: Am I even important anymore?
Cameron: I got my own POV last book, let me become useless now 😌
Jon: Fate and future and stuff… Bye 👋
Mare’s family: please don’t leave again
*Mare leaves again*
Hugs and cries, *Mare comes back*
Hugs and cries, please don’t leave again …etc

🌟 So in short, I have nothing against Aveyard and I spent good money and time on this series but it was not worth it. There was a voice in my head telling me to DNF this and I should have listened to it. Oh and finally, I may not read anything by this author anytime soon! And my final rating is 2 stars!

Glowing Star on Samsung Experience 9.1Glowing Star on Samsung Experience 9.1

Here is a song that summarize my feelings:
The Muffin Song

All I ever see for this is 2 and 5 stars ratings! Did you read it? what are your thoughts?
share them below.


  1. Ugh – i have such mixed feelings about this series… i feel like every book has gotten worse and worse. I already bought War Storm but it is soooo long & I almost don’t care that I haven’t even really considered reading it yet. It is one of those that I’ve already put so much time into that I feel like I just need to finish it and get it over with. LOL.

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  2. So I had read the first three books and I was like, “The final book is most of the time the best. This should be pretty good.” I realize that I was pretty wrong. As you said, most of the book is filler. I could really care less about Evangeline and her lover, especially as she had about 1/3 of the book and that is all she talked about, which drove me absolutely bonkers because I got the book to finish off the Red Queen story, not read some badly written romance/monologue. Overall I would give it a 3/10.

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  3. I feel you! I started the whole series because a friend recommended it and told me I will like the improvement. I had high hopes for it and they were all shattered! One of the biggest disappointments of this year 😦


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