A Man Called Ove Review


Ebook, 337 pages
Fiction/ Humor/ Contemporary
By: Fredrik Backman

β€œMen are what they are because of what they do. Not what they say.”

🌟 I went into this thinking that everyone was exaggerating about this book. I mean how would I love a book whose main character is a grumpy 59 year-old man. I start this & I think that I was right, people were just being dramatic about Ove, he’s just mediocre. A few hours later -since this is a fast read- my thoughts changes to I AM mediocre and Ove is the best! Gosh, the author made a good job in forcing us readers to like Ove whether we want to or not.

🌟 The author is actually Swedish and this is a translation, both Fredrick & Henning Koch (Translator) did wonders regarding the writing style, I mean there are tons of quotes and beautiful sentences, I even had the urge to learn The language to appreciate the story even more.

β€œPeople said Ove saw the world in black and white. But she was color. All the color he had.”

🌟 This is not about the twists and plot, even when they are there and they’re good. This is mostly a character driven book that will make you relate to all the characters! I expected the ending, but who cares because I think that was the most appropriate ending for the story!

🌟 And believe me this will make you go on a roller coaster of emotions; it will make you laugh, cry, think and finally, you will learn to appreciate life with Ove. So I may start recommend this to many friends from now on!

β€œAll roads lead to something you were predestined to do.”
 🌟 Finally, what type of cars do you drive guys? it may not sound relevant but that is the most important question! (Ove would be proud)
🌟 Final Rating is 4.25 stars
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