BearTown Review

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E-book 432 pages
Literary fiction, Humorous Fiction
By: Fredrick Backman

“The only thing the sport gives us are moments. But what the hell is life, Peter, apart from moments?”

🌟 Fredrick Backman is an amazing author, first he forces me to like an old man and in this book I was forced to love hockey and I never expected myself to read a book with a sport theme and find myself so into the story!

🌟 But if you think that this book is purely about hockey, then you can not be more wrong, this book was everything I ever wanted in a Literary fiction. And I don’t think I can do this book justice without spoilers but I will keep it spoiler free anyway.

🌟 The writing style was the first thing that stood up to me, I read this and A Man called Ove during a short period of time because I was already craving more of Fred’s writing style! If I didn’t restrain myself then I would have literally highlighted half of the book! This was full of amazing scenes and sentences!

🌟 There is no focus on one character, you can say that the main character is the whole town! we have chapters about everyone in this town, you will feel that you are a part of that community by the end of the book. Ramona, Fatima and Amat were probably my favorite but I could feel every single character in this book! I found myself defending them, loving them, I smiled, cried and felt what they feel. Toward the ending of the book I had all kinds of emotions and so I immediately added it to my tear-worthy book list!

🌟 But be aware, that behind the hockey and this community, there is a darker more important story, I didn’t know it was there which made things ten times better, and so I will not say anymore regarding it!

“Everyone has a thousand wishes before a tragedy, but just one afterward.”
🌟 There were tiny things that were not perfect and kind of annoyed me: The exaggeration about hockey at some points and the repetition of some sentences using minimal changes in the words used as if we won’t notice (It may have been due to translation or intentional, I don’t know. But it irked me a bit).
🌟 Summary: this book was a bit heavy but important at the same time. But with the full cast of characters and the amazing writing style, you will find yourself immersed in the story that you won’t feel this heaviness! I already recommended this to a friend and I will recommend it to more people for sure!

🌟 Final Rating: 4.5 stars
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