The Unique Blogger Award

A million thanks to for nominating me for this award, go and check her blog, she’s awesome! I am always overwhelmed when I get tagged for an award or to do a tag because people actually thought of me :D. without further ado let’s get this done!

The Rules

  1. Share the link of the blogger who nominated you
  2. Answer their questions
  3. Share some love with the blogging community by nominating 8-12 people
  4. Ask three questions for your nominees

Alyssa’s Questions

  1. Hardcovers or paperbacks?
    Each type of books has its positives and negatives. my favorite are hardcovers as they are the largest (I love large books) and their papers are the best! The only downside is their price. Most of my books are in paperbacks, they have good prices but they need extra care and can be damaged easily.
  2. Which fictional character do you love that you think would be horrible in real life?
    Victor Vale was actually the first character that came into mind when I read this question, so yeah, I agree with you 😀

  3. In your opinion, what’s a book that has a cover much better than its content, or vice versa?
    Ahh, Very Interesting. I will answer the first part, here are two books with covers much better than the content: War Storm and An Enchantment Of Ravens.

    Image result for warstorm   &               Image result for an enchantment' of= ravens

My Questions

1- What are books that you think everyone should read?
2- Who is your most read author?
3- What is a book that you read but wish you have a physical copy of?


Aurora Librialis
The Book Raven
Inkish Kingdoms


  1. Thanks ❤
    Their are a few places online where you could get them for a cheap price but the shipping always makes it pointless. I started the whole series for this cover and then was so disappointed!

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  2. Vitor Vale would be the worst in real life! Come to think of it, most of the characters I like in books would be terrible humans (I don’t know what that says about me). And I love the cover of An Enchantment Of Ravens, the actual story inside, not so much. Great post!

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  3. Aaaw thank you so much for nominating me again! Haha I love to collect all the HC books but the price is really drain my wallet! And I totally agree with RQ series, the covers are so much better than the story. Ah, I didn’t interested to read EoR because of the cover, but I think I’ll give it a try!! 💕

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  4. You’re welcome, I was surprised by the fact that you don’t have many awards so we have to fix that 😀
    War storm is probably my biggest disappointment of the year. And EoR was a disappointment too 😦

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  5. Aww Hamad you’re the sweetest what did do to deserve you 😭. Ahh but I’ve hear so many great reviews about that book haha, we’ll see if I’m gonna love it or not 😂

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  6. I agree with the paperback vs hardcover! Hardcovers can be carried around, heavy though, but you don’t need to protect them that much XD but paperbacks are lighter and easier to handle single handed XD

    Thank you for tagging me ❤

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  7. Congrats! I love the questions you came up with, they are super interesting! And I much prefer paperbacks to hardcovers, for a lot of different reasons. They are way cheaper, I have weirdly small hands so I find them much easier to hold (lol), I despise dust jackets, and I love it when my paperbacks are a little beat up because it makes them look loved. Although, hardcovers do tend to be a lot prettier. 🙂

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  8. I’ve heard not so great thing about the Red Queen series. I read the first book and I stopped there! Hardbacks are so pretty and really hold up better but I do like reading a paperback! My hands get tired with Hardbacks. haha. I usually take off the dust jacket while reading too.

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