Top 5 Tuesday #1: Books I need to re-read

Top 5 Tuesday is weekly meme hosted by Shanah and this week’s topic is Books I want to re-read!

I am not the biggest fan of re-reads so my choices were limited and here are top 5 books that I want to re-read:

1- Six of Crows

Image result for six of crows

I don’t feel that there is a day that passes without me mentioning this book somewhere online or IRL so it needed to be on this list!





2- The Illuminae Files

Image result for illuminae series

This is currently my favorite trilogy and I heard the audiobooks are incredible so I thought I may do a re-read using the audiobooks. This was so creative!

3- Daughter of Smoke and Bone:

Image result for daughter of smoke and bone

This was one of the first books that made me shed tears while reading it and that doesn’t happen a lot, let alone in fantasy books. I want to get back to this world and to Laini’s magical writing!




4- Bear Town

Image result for beartown

I have a recent obsession with Fredrik Backman and I feel I need to re-read this again although I just recently read it.


5- When Breath Becomes Air

Image result for when breath becomes air


This is one of the books that affected me as a student and I feel that a re-read is necessary right after graduation!




  1. I read Daughter of Smoke and Bone such a long time ago (way before I realized it was a super popular book) but I don’t remember anything from it. Maybe I’ll have to reread that one too just to see what all the hype is about!!

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  2. I didn’t know it was that popular too when I read it. I actually read it because it was a recommendation from a friend and I found it at the local bookstore. I remember the first book, nothing of the second book and a few things from the last book

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  3. I reread the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy earlier this year and I loved it even more the second time! I haven’t read Bear Town yet, but I’m so excited to! I keep hear amazing things about the author.

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  4. I just searched up the book When Breath Becomes Air and it seems like a powerful read and an emotional one. I don’t often read non fiction but I think I’m going to add this book to my TBR! For me, I need to reread The Fault in Our Stars 😊

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  5. I don’t read non-fiction too but I heard many things about this book that I had to read it. It was emotional and made me think. It was also not big so you don’t have to spend many hours reading it! Enjoy :)}
    John Green writing does not work for me but I have heard tons and tons of praise for TFIOS that I feel I have to give it a chance


  6. I had the same urge to re-read it as soon as I finished it! And tbh I feel it is going to be better 2nd time around because I am more oriented and know what are the important things after finishing the series!

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  7. I read Six of Crows for the first time last month and I already want to reread it so I can totally see where you’re coming from. I’m reading Crooked Kingdom now and it’s such an amazing duology! The Illuminae Files, Daughter of Smoke and Bone, and Bear Town are all on my TBR so I’m glad to hear you like them so much! 🙂

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