All Your Perfects Review

all your perfects review ast
E-book, 320 pages
By: Colleen Hoover

β€œIf you only shine light on your flaws, all your perfects will dim.”
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This Review contains spoilers, precede at your own responsibility!
🌟 I don’t like to do spoilery reviews but I think I can’t talk about this book without spoilers, because CoHo books always discuss an important subject and the subject itself is a spoiler here. The main subject in this book is Infertility, a new idea that I haven’t read about before in books.
🌟 I read It Ends With Us (5 stars because I loved it), Without Merit (4 stars because it was very good but discussed many subjects). This time Colleen only discussed one subject and focused on it which made me happy she listened to the criticism of last book.
🌟 I am going to start my thoughts in order: The cover is not that good looking to be honest. The first chapters were so well done and I was awake at 2:00 AM reading those, I am not a big fan of instant love but I could understand the whole revenge sex thing and was even happier when he left his number and nothing happened that night.

🌟 Then there was so the infertility thing which certainly affected me as a doctor but more importantly as a human. I will never look to infertile couples the same way as before and will take extra care of all the patients I am seeing in the Gyne/Obs rotation next year. The emotional and social aspect of this problem were well done but the medical aspect is what annoyed me most as I will discuss later.

🌟 Then the chapters were less interesting and got kind of repetitive, I was interested to know about Graham’s past and to know what the box was all about. But the reveal was a bit underwhelming and I expected something more shocking. I also wish we got more about Ethan and the other girlfriend!

🌟 Then there is Quinn who was selfish and I didn’t like her, If Graham was so good and caring to her why she was this mean to him. She would blame him and her inner thoughts showed that she knew that she is a part of the problem. And when her sister called her about the pregnancy showed another time how she can be dramatic. Graham on the other hand was not perfect and I like that. I think that nothing can excuse the cheating/kissing that other girl that he did. But I felt that readers ignored how she was treating him so badly and then she is shocked that he cheated on her. Both sides were equally guilty.

🌟 Then the medical aspect that bothered me most, the whole ectopic pregnancy thing, she said that it was 2 months or closer to 3 months since last time she had sex. Hello, didn’t you notice that you didn’t have a period in this time??? If she was so focused on getting pregnant then this is something that she will never ever miss.
And the ectopic pregnancy was mostly due to the Endometriosis she has, WTF! Do you know that Endometriosis causes infertility and since it was mentioned in the past the they should have effing tried to treat it, there are many simple ways to treat it with all the advance medicine!!

🌟 Then the conclusion was good and the ending was also well written so that was good.

🌟 The writing style is as good as ever, I mean this is Colleen Hoover so no objections and the plots were good but I couldn’t ignore the things that were not well explained. This gets 3 out of 5 stars from me.

Glowing Star on Facebook 2.2.1Glowing Star on Facebook 2.2.1Glowing Star on Facebook 2.2.1

β€œThe problem is, love and happiness are not concordant. One can exist without the other.”
Prescription: For fans of romance novels which also deals with heavy subjects. My opinion is a pretty non-popular one so happy reading to those who decide to read it :D.


  1. I’m excited to read this one. A three star sounds good. I tried not reading all ur points so i won’t spoil myself haha. Leaving a comment so i could come back to this post!

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