ARC Review: Broken Things

broken things review.jpg
E-book, 416 pages
Young Adult Fiction / Thrillers & Suspense
By: Lauren Oliver 

“Five years ago, when I had just turned thirteen, I killed my best friend.

I chased her down and cracked her over the head with a rock. Then I dragged her body out of the woods and into a field and arranged it in the center of a circle of stones I’d placed there with my other friend, Mia. Then we knifed her twice in the throat, and five times in the chest. Mia was planning to douse her body with gasoline and light her on fire, but something went wrong and we bolted instead.

🌟 This is the opening chapter and once I read this I was intrigued and wanted to read this. I was happy to see that there ARCS out there and happier that I got approved in one day!

🌟 Now, Lauren Oliver is a smart author, I like what she did with Replica and Ringer. Her other books are also bestsellers but I don’t see her books getting much hype lately. I wanted to discover why because to me they seem as good ones.

🌟 Now, this started out brilliant. I love when first lines can make you want to read the whole thing. But the main problem is after this this started to get a bit slower and no as much as interesting. I mentioned in my last review the new trend of 3 girls and this books follows this trend, I forgot to mention that this trend entails one of the girls being a Lesbian which is also found here. The problem is that Summer who was murdered seemed like a good person at first but then I couldn’t sympathize with her.

🌟 The characters were not the best part of this, there is a fat rep that is not so great. The girls were annoying at sometimes too. I would have preferred if I could relate to the girls more.

🌟 Also this has a book inside a book. There are bits of the books that the girls wrote as a fan-fiction and to be honest, I didn’t give a damn about it. It was short and fast and that’s good but it didn’t add much to the story. This was a thriller and I am supposed to be on my toes with excitement and although I wanted to know what really happened, the suspense waned at some points. The reveal didn’t catch my breath too!

🌟 The writing was mostly good although some metaphors made me cringe. But the ending was so smart too and It made me happy again, hence the additional 0.5 star.

“I knew even then that my dad was wrong- words could kill you, in a thousand different ways.”

Summary: A good thriller novel that has excellent beginning and endings, don’t go to this with very high expectations and you will enjoy it more. If you are a writer, I think this may help in some creative writing too. 3.5 stars from me!
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ARC provided by the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.


  1. This is such a great review! I requested this one at Edelweiss but got rejected. Oh well… I guess I’ll read it another time. With not-so-high expectations just like you said.

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  2. Holy crap that opening chapter quote has me HOOKED! Thank you for your honest review though because I probably would have been in for a disappointing read without that reality check. I’ll probably pick this up sometime because it does sound interesting, but I won’t rush.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. They used to reject my requests, just try to change what you write in the request box until you find the perfect formula and then they will start to accept you for everything


  4. I will. I will read a few more ARCs in my possession and then I’ll start requesting again. I hope I’ll get approved for more. *crosses fingers*

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