Top 5 Tuesday #5: Top 5 Bookish Maps

Top 5 Tuesday is weekly meme hosted by Shanah and this week’s topic is Top 5 Bookish Maps!

Captive Prince Map


I love everything about those books including their map.


Map of Erelia

Image result for throne of glass map

I didn’t see this getting picked by other readers but I know most of this by heart so there is a feel of belonging to this map although nothing is special about it.


Alexander & Hypatia

Related image

Although this is not technically a map, I am gonna cheat and add it because the point was giving us an idea about the place which this series does extremely well.


Grishaverse Map


Confession time: I probably know this better than my country’s map!!


The Marauder’s Map


I almost saw this in everyone who did this posts! But come on, This is the best map out there so I am just going to go with the flow and zero Fs given!

As usual, keeping this short and happy reading everyone 😀





  1. Mrauders Map is indeed the best map ever!, Illuminae map is unique I love them too! LOL I can see how much you love Grishaverse 😂

    Liked by 1 person

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