The #NotAll Book Tag

Hey everyone, I was tagged for this by Siobhan ages ago and I am trying to get to all my tags. Thanks for tagging me and here we go:

#NotAll Cover Changes: A cover change you liked

I have to agree with Siobhan on this one, I really love the new Shadow and bone covers! And I do like the old ones too!


#NotAll Adaptations: An Adaptation you love more than the book

I haven’t watch an adaptation in ages but I am pretty sure I will like Simon Vs The Homo sapiens agenda more than the book!

Image result for simon vs the homo sapiens book


#NotAll Tropes: A trope you’ll never get tired of seeing

I LOVE books with prophecies, I like when the prophecy is vague and then everything falls into place, or when it seems clear but then it can be interpreted in a different way!

Image result for percy jackson oracle

#NotAll Insta-Love: You insta-loved this insta-couple

Since the book is not out yet, I am going to shut up on this one!

Image result for what if tis us

#NotAll Love Triangles: An example of a love triangle done well

I hate those, so I won’t be able to come up with one that I like 😦

#NotAll Parents: Bookish parents who, you know, parent

I loved the family from THUG!
I also adore the Weasleys!

Image result for the hate u give

#NotAll Villains: A villain you love

Victor from Vicious! I don’t know if he is a villain but he is morally gray at least!
I also adore evil queens from all series 😀

Image result for victor vicious victoria

#NotAll Chosen Ones: A chosen one you can get behind

I think this answer is cliché and predictable, who cares!

Image result for harry potter and percy jackson

#NotAll Hyped Books: A book that lived up to the acclaim

I am going to choose The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo as I recently finished it and I am trying to add new books to my answers!

Image result for the seven husbands

#NotAll *Insert Favourite Genre*: A book you’re not keen on from your favourite genre

There are many disappointing books from the Fantasy genre, Carry On is the book I hate most!

Image result for carry on

#NotAll *Insert Least Favourite Genre*: A book you liked from a genre you don’t often read

I don’t like Historical fictions although I read a few of those, The Bird and the blade was a great read though!

Image result for the bird and the blade

Tag time!

I am going to be Lazy this time and tag anyone who wants to do this!


  1. Oh I totally agree with you on the Shadow and Bone covers, they are to die for ❤

    I haven't read any of the others, unfortunately, except for HP and PJ, but I wholly understand your hatred for Carry On. They were my least favourite thing about Fangirl (all those interludes just distracted me too much from the actual story, plus were just super boring and annoying). Even though everyone else and their mum seem to like it!

    Great post 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. A book series that perfectly fits your description of why you love prophesies in the Mistborn trilogy by Brandon Sanderson. So, so good! And I can’t wait to read Evelyn Hugo even though I normally don’t trust books with a lot of hype. I have high hopes for this one!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love books with prophecies too, and yeaah I really don’t care, PJO and HP is the best book with The Chosen One trope, plus Keeper of the Lost Cities for me!

    Liked by 1 person

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