One Dark Throne Review

one dark throne ast
Ebook, 464 Pages
Dark Fantasy/ YA
By: Kendare Blake

β€œPerhaps that is how all men love. More with their eyes than with their hearts.”

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This may contain spoilers for the first book, but is spoiler free for this book.


🌟 One Dark Throne is the book that we wanted Three Dark Crowns to be, I think Kendare took the advice of readers and made it more action packed, more thrilling and definitely darker!

🌟 I want to focus on the positives this time because I think there were quite a few.
The writing style is as good as the first book, If you liked it first time then there is no reason why not to do so again.

🌟 The Characters were a bit confusing in book 1 because there were many characters. It wasn’t a problem for me but I saw some reviews saying that and here there are more focus on the existent characters with the introduction of a few new ones! But the development of the characters was so good. They are more relatable now, more brutal and I felt that they kind of matured!

🌟 The Pacing was a bit (just a tiny bit) slow at first but then it was perfect, I adore books with short chapters and while book 1 was slow at first and then became faster at the second half, the pacing in this book was more consistent and suitable for the story, I hope it stays like this for the next couple of books!

🌟 But let’s talk about the plot. While most of us were disappointed by book 1 and the lack of action in it, this book had what we were looking for. There was a fight between the queens.
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There was death for a few characters

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And a crowning at last!

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🌟 So this series did get better as I was told. I am optimistic if it continues like this, because this was supposed to be a duology and it got extended and you know how I feel about those. Anyway, I give this 3.5 out of 5 stars!

🌟 Prescription: For Fans of Dark Fantasy and those who want to give the series a second chance but are skeptic!

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β€œNo matter how far I go, I’m still your person. We stand together now.”







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