Rapid Fire Book tag

I have been tagged for this by Reyna @Reyna’s Pages. I guess it should be a rapid tag as the name implies?!🌟 Ebook or physical book?

Physical books all the way down.

🌟 Paperback or hardback?

Paperback overall but hardcovers looks better.

🌟 Online or in store book shopping?

In store, but there aren’t many stores where I live so I end up doing Online mostly.

🌟 Trilogies or series?

Trilogies and duologies are even better!

🌟 Heroes or villains?

Villains are more interesting

🌟 A book you want everyone to read?

I was going to say Six of Crows because it is my favorite. But it is just not for everyone. THUG and Everything I never told you are books for everyone!

🌟 Recommend an underrated author?

Taylor Jenkins Reid, I don’t know if she is really underrated but I only heard of her recently.

🌟 Last book you finished?

literally just finished!!

Image result for the 71/2 deaths of evelyn hardcastle

🌟 Top 3 favorite genres?

Fantasy, Contemporary and Mystery

🌟 Borrow or buy?


🌟 Character or plot?

I used to like plots but characters are more important at this point for me. Actually they both have to be good to consider it a good book.

🌟 Long or short?


🌟 Name the first 3 books that come to your mind.

Gemini, Crooked kingdom and they both die at the end

🌟 Books that make you laugh or cry?

A Man Called Ove, Bear town by Fredrik backman.

🌟 Our world or fictional?


🌟 Audiobooks: yes or no?

I only listened to one books but it is a yes!

🌟 Do you ever judge a book by its cover?

I try not to although sometimes I do

🌟 Book to movie or book to tv?

Book to movie

🌟 Movie or tv show that you preferred over book?

Love, Simon!

🌟 Series or stand alones?
Stand alones!

🌟 I am not going to tag anyone in particular, if you want a rapid tag then consider yourself tagged!


  1. Ooooh yas for Taylor Jenkins Reid!! I have all of her books in my digital lib after I read Evelyn Hugo!! How’s Evelyn Hadrcastle? I can’t wait to hear your thoughts! πŸ’•

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  2. Lovely answers for this tag! ❀ I also prefer paperbacks, because they’re just more practical, but I love how aesthetic hardcovers are πŸ™‚

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