Three Bookish Things Tag

I am still behind on my tags and I am doing my best to do them whenever I have some free time. Becky tagged me to do this tag which is cool and fast to do.
Here is a tip: Becky is amazing and you have to follow her!oct line


Image result for the seven husbands of evelyn hugo    Image result for to kill a kingdom    Image result for a thousand perfect notes

🌟 Taylor Jenkins Reid writing is so realistic, I had to google the characters and see if they were real. It was not only me who did that!!

🌟 Alexandra Christo is one of the best debut authors I read this year, her writing reminded me of Bardugo’s style and I am looking forward to reading her next releases.

🌟 C.G. Drews is a blogger just like us, her debut was good too and you know that she had read a lot from her writing style!

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Image result for the hobbit book   Image result for divergent book  Image result for hunger games book

I had to squeeze my brain to get those out, I usually read the book first if there is one.

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23437156  Image result for harry potter and the philosopher's stone book  Image result for shatter me

🌟 Nina Zenik, Hermione Granger and Kenji are characters I am always talking about on my blog.

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Image result for percy jackson books  Image result for legend series  Image result for shadow and bone

🌟 I used to buy the whole series and binge them back to back, I don’t do that anymore!

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🌟 I like Cliffhangers, I don’t mind waiting a year for the next book!

🌟 Some movies are better than the book. (Same as Becky)

🌟 I don’t like Rainbow Rowell’s books!

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Image result for the light between worlds  Image result for an enchantment of ravens  Image result for crooked kingdom

🌟 I don’t know if these are favorites, I just posted 3 great book covers that 1st came to mind!

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🌟 Finish the short story I am writing, I mostly get inspiration during the medical economics class (Hint: Boring!).

🌟 Finish the Arcs I have which are not many, I think this is easy to do.

🌟 Get 300 followers which is my goal for this year when I started this, I didn’t think it was possible but not anymore!!

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Flavia 💉 Tammy 💉 Danielle 💉 Virginia

No pressure to do it if you don’t want to ❤



  1. I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who doesn’t love Rainbow Rowell 🙂 though I would be willing to give her books another try.

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  2. This is a fun tag!! I absolutely agree on Evelyn Hugo, I’m reading her other book right no and it was so good! I have yet to read TKAK I somehow lost interest but you piqued it again! Good luck with your writing and I hope you reach 300 followers by the end of the year!

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  3. Great tag and answers! Do you plan on reading Hunger Games in the future? It is an amazing book! I like cliffhangers too but only if the next book is published already haha I don’t have the patience to wait. I also hope you can reach your goal of 300 followers this year!

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  4. Thanks a lot
    Currently I am over my phase of The Hunger games but in the future you never know!
    I don’t mind waiting as their is always something to read and time flies by and the next book is published before you know it!

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  5. this is such a fun tag!! i seriously loved evelyn hugo and to kill a kingdom, they were both fantastic and cait’s book 😭😭 so proud of her! nina and hermione deserve all the love, actual queens.

    rainbow rowell is definitely a hit or miss author, i feel like she was a really unique author for her time but now she’s kinda just blending in with everyone else, am i even making sense, probably not 😂

    great post and good luck on your goals for this year!

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  6. It is!!

    I am glad you agree to many things!

    I read two of her best books (Carry On and Eleanor and Park) and enjoyed neither. There are better books out there that I need to read and I get you, don’t worry!

    Thanks May, you’re the best ❤

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