Bridge of Clay Review

Bridge of Clay Review
Ebook, 464 Pages
YA/ Contemporary
By: Markus Zusak

“A murderer should probably do many things, but he should never, under any circumstances, come home.”

🌟 After 11 or 12 years of waiting, you’d think that the author will write the next big thing. Unfortunately he wrote the next big disappointment and I fell from this Bridge of Clay into a sea of disappointment!


🌟 Truth to be told, I wasn’t very interested in the synopsis but October was my Contemporary month and what is better to read than a novel by the highly acclaimed author of The Book Thief aka one of my favorite books!

🌟 I like when Authors move along their past works and try to bring something new. I think Zusak both did and didn’t do that and let me explain. He wrote a totally different story that is unrelated to his previously successful books and that’s the good thing. The bad thing is that he was trying so hard to make it sound poetical and whimsical but it ended up being over the top!

🌟 I liked the magical writing in The Book Thief but the voice of this story was not appropriate for a story of this kind and he used metaphor very much which ended up being annoying. I knew that the writing is just not for me after a few chapters and Hala who BR this with me felt the same and decided to DNF it immediately.

🌟 The characters were unrelatable for me and I didn’t like any of them. I even ended up skim reading the last 50 pages as I wasn’t interested anymore.

🌟 Summary: This is a Hit or miss kind of books (Apparently a miss for me) which had a bad combination of  characters, writing and plot. If you start this and feel that you ned to DNF it then I encourage doing so because it is not for everyone and if you enjoy it then good for you :D. I ended up giving it 1 out of 5 stars!

Glowing Star on Facebook 2.2.1

🌟 Prescription: I can’t seem to recommend this for anyone in the time being. If you want a better story about 5 brothers which is more relatable and has great writing then I recommend Watching Glass Shatter by James Cudney!

If you want this book you can get it from here:

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  1. What a shame! I think he was always going to struggle following up The Book Thief though. I read recently that he considers this to be the book he was waiting to write and that he always wanted to write but I guess that doesn’t always made it a good one!

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  2. Wow one star! I’m sorry you didn’t like the book. Hope your next read will be much better!

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  3. Hey everyone has unpopular opinions on something! And I truly believe negative reviews need to be heard as well. As it helps those really decide if that novel is going to be right for them based on their research. And what may not work for you may be brilliant for others! 😍☺️

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  4. I think there is a ‘second book syndrome’ because he wouldn’t be the first writer sadly to have their second book be ‘meh.’ Unfortunately from what I’ve read of yours and others reviews I don’t think Bridge of Clay is appealing. Oh well 😦

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  5. *insert Star Wars “you’re breaking my heart GIF”*

    I’m so sorry to see that this was a 1 Star read for you! Overly poetic and metaphorical writings do tend to drive me insane sometimes, but I’m really hoping it won’t be too over the top for me when I give this one a shot. Great review!

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  6. Oh yikes! Okay – I tried reading The Book Thief back when it was super popular, and I really couldn’t get into it. I contemplated giving this a shot, but maybe not now haha

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  7. Aahhh!! One star! I actually had this from the library and never got to it and had to return it. I’m kinda glad that I didn’t put myself through it.

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