The Summary Bookmarks™️


🌟 So the other day, I was reading my ARC of Evermore and I forgot some of the things that happened in Everless so I looked for online Summaries and then an idea hit me hard: Why don’t we have bookmarks that have a summary of the previous book in a series.

🌟 I shared the idea online and many people liked it and encouraged it. So the next step was making this real! And I didn’t want to wait for someone to make these, I decided to start creating them. I contacted Noura who was one of the supporters of the project and she has an experience in designing bookmarks so she decided to help.

🌟 1 Week later, I have finished my ARC of Evermore. I wrote the summary and I picked the most important things to understand book 2 and sent them to Noura. Now after many emails and messages, we are happy to announce our first bookmark which is The Everless Summary Bookmark. We don’t know if this will be a successful project but we have to try to find out. And here is our first bookmark:

🌟 This is a test bookmark and the Quality was not the best as I printed it, we want to make this better so you can support this idea here:

🌟 If readers like this then we can make other bookmarks in the future for sure!
Please leave us your thoughts and suggestions below!



  1. Wow. This is such an ingenious idea. Especially when you’re reading the next book after a while, you tend to forget the main points.
    Good luck with your idea 🙂

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  2. This is a really cool idea!! I use (when they have the summary of the book I’m looking for). Having it in bookmark form is such a quick easy way to remember!

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