Fall Time, Cozy Time Book Tag

I have been tagged By Siobhan for this a while ago and I guess I should do it before winter starts! Thanks for tagging me and definitely check her blog and follow her if you don’t do that already.

1. Crunching leaves | Pick a book that has reds, yellows, and oranges on it

Image result for the knife of never letting go

I always think of this book as a Fall read for some reason!

2. Cozy sweater | It’s finally cold enough to wear warm, cozy clothing. What book gives you the warm, cozy feelings?

Image result for bear town

Don’t be fooled by the cover, this one gave me all the feels!!!!

3. Fall storm | The wind is howling, and the rain is pouring. Pick your favorite book or genre to read on a stormy day

Fantasy is my favorite and most read genre, sometimes I like to read Thrillers on stormy days.

4. Cool, crisp air | What cool character would you like to trade places with?

Ron Weasley, He has the best family and he is married to Hermione! Goals 😀

5. Hot apple cider | What is an under-hyped book that you want to see be the next big thing?

Image result for watching glass shatter

Watching Glass Shatter By James is one of my favorite reads this year and I want everyone to read it.

6. Coats, scarves, and mittens | The weather has turned cold, and it’s time to cover up. What’s the most amazing book cover you’ve seen this year?

I agree with Siobhan on this one, I can’t argue!

7. Pumpkin spice | What’s your favourite fall time snack to eat while reading?

Nothing. I may drink tea while reading, but no food.

8. Warm, cozy bonfire | Spread the warmth! Who are you going to tag?

Feel free to do this if you want but don’t be obliged to.

James |Benjamin |BookBuyer| Mandy|Taryn|Lili|


  1. Love your answers! I can’t wait for King of Scars, and it certainly sounds like Ron has an enviable life! Hahaha. I’ve had Watching Glass Shatter on my tbr, but have been unsure if I want to read it soon or not. I’ll have to push it higher up my list! ❤

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