ARC Review: The Cerulean

The cerulean ast

Ebook, 496 Pages
Young Adult Fiction / Fantasy / Epic
By: Amy Ewing

β€œMales looked sort of like females, except they had no breasts and were taller and hairier and meaner.”

🌟 Time to confess that I primarily requested this book because of it’s cover and because I thought it was a standalone (We need more Fantasy Standalones). I liked the synopsis initially but after a few weeks of requesting this I started to have second thoughts and started to lose interest in the synopsis!

🌟 That being said, the book had a good start so I thought it was worth giving a chance! I was bored after a few chapters, but then was interested again and tbh I didn’t consider DNFing it so it must have been good.

🌟 The world building was good too and although I had some questions at first and some things that were not convincing for me medical wise, it was explained later which both helped convincing me and adding to my knowledge. Bonus points for that!

🌟 Plot wise, I felt like I have seen the twist and I had expectations after knowing just a few things. It was entertaining but it never blew my mind! That being said, I can’t say that I wanted to know what was going to happen and how will things unfold. I wanted to see if my theories were true. I may give credit to all the books that I have read before for this.
I actually liked the romance way more than I expected to and that may have been the best part! It was kind of typical but the world building gives it a whole new context which makes it interesting if you take the time to think about it!!!! I am sure many readers will miss the point and will criticize it but that’s why it is OK to have different opinions.

🌟 The characters were average YA characters, I am pretty sure that they will be among the characters I forget after a few months. Not that there is anything wrong with that but I like my characters to be more distinct and more unique!

🌟 Summary: I may have been disappointed by the fact that this is a duology because this book is huge and it could have been shorter! I went with lower expectations and it was slow at first but the story picks up as you progress and becomes more captivating. The book didn’t blow my mind but it exceeded my expectations and I may consider continuing this series! I decided to give this one 3 out of 5 stars!

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