Ringer Review

Ringer AST.jpgPaperback, 528 pages
YA/ Sci-Fi
By: Lauren Oliver

“If everyone believed they were monsters, shouldn’t they at least be allowed to have teeth?”

🌟 I don’t know if Lauren is losing her magic, looking at Lauren’s books I can see that they have 300K and 400K ratings but the newer releases barely makes it to 50K! I don’t know what I am missing and one of the reasons I started this series was to investigate more!

🌟 Replica was a good book, not less and not more. I also started it because I loved the idea of a flip book that you can read from either side and from either POVs and the story would still make sense. While in book 1 there was much Overlap the POVs in this book felt more distinct and separate. They come together beautifully but I still enjoyed Replica a bit more.

🌟 The writing style is OK and same goes for the characters but I had a problem with the pacing and the plot. This was a >500 pages book but nothing much happens! I expected more action, more drama and a bit more spice but I was reading waiting for the next big thing that I sadly didn’t receive.

🌟 I also like medical stuff in books and this involves cloning and human experiments, a thing that I think a lot about as a medical student. Much of the medical advance was after the WW2 due to human experiments and we wouldn’t have made it to this point without it. It is not like I am encouraging it but it was like a turning point in human’s history and thus this provides an ethical dilemma to discuss!

🌟 Summary: I liked the first book in this duology a bit more (Replica) because this was slow and not much happens in it. I wanted more from the writing, the characters and specially the plot. I enjoyed the moral issues it presents though. I ended up giving it 3 out of 5 stars.

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If you want this book you can get it from here:

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