Least fav books in 2018

Yesterday I shared my top 10 books of the year and today I am sharing those books that I didn’t like! I don’t want to call them worst because I know many will like some of them so I am not judging the books or those who love them. Here are these books!

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1- Jellicoe Road

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2- And I Darken

Image result for And I darken

3- Ace of Shades

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4- Strange Grace

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5- The Handmaid’s Tale

Image result for the handmaid's tale book

6- Blanca & Roja

Image result for blanca & roja

7- Seafire

Image result for sea fire book

8- The Witch Elm

Image result for the witch elm

9- Bridge of Clay

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10- War Storm

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So these were the books that I didn’t enjoy this year. I am not going to explain why here because I already have rant reviews for these that you can see here or on my GR!

Do you like any of these? Or did any of them not work for you too!
Share your opinions with me below!



  1. ooh The Handmaid’s tale? You did not like it? interesting hehe “And I Darken” I love the cover and I have them on a wish list but I don’t know… XD I like that you were being all respectful! I am checking now your top 10!

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  2. The Handmaid’s tale writing style was just not for me! I completed it but was distracted throughout the book 😦
    And I Darken is for historical fiction fans which I discovered that 90% of the time is not for me

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  3. hmmm interesting! I haven’t read it, honestly, but I am intrigued, is it like heavy like an old classic?

    I am judging for the cover as I haven’t even read the synopsis haha but I like historical fiction, so at least, one more thing that I know about the book haha

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  4. Handmaid’s Tale is one of those books i really enjoyed when i read them. Then i saw the tv series and it was even more enjoyable, so now i’m just confused 😀

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  5. I’ll be honest, I was really worried about Bridge of Clay because it was so hyped up and I don’t know anybody who wasn’t moved by a The Book Thief. I definitely want to check out your full reviews on these!

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  6. I read And I Darken and just didn’t like it either! I was disappointed because of the hype around it. I also haven’t bothered with War Storm yet because I barely made it through the third book. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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  7. Oh no! So scared to see so many books on my tbr here! *mentally starts reordering my tbr priority lists* I am planning on reading Bridge of Clay and Seafire at some point this year, so HOPEFULLY they end up being to my liking. Haha 😂

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