Why We Sleep Review

Ebook, 369 Pages
Non-fiction/ Health/ Science
By: Matthew Walker

“The best bridge between despair and hope is a good night’s sleep.”
🌟 I am still on a quest to discover more non-fiction books, that started last year and I am willing to continue this year. So when Tala (Who also happens to be a medical student in my class) recommended this, I knew that I had to read it!
🌟 I also had the same first question that most of us will think of: How a ~370 pages book is filled with things on sleep?! This book answered many questions that I had thought about in my long sleepless nights. It explains why do we need to sleep, the evolutionary role of sleep, why do we dream and what are the benefits of dreaming, Why do we as teenagers and new adults like to go to sleep late while adults go early, why do you feel tired after you pull an all-nighter but then gradually get energized! And one of my favorite things is explaining why we like to keep one foot out of the bed at night!!
🌟 What is cooler about this is that it does so in a simple language that everyone can understand. No need to be in the medical field to do so. If you are interested in sleep then you should read this!
🌟 One of my professors once told me that people like to view the world in what they are best at. So a doctor will see everything as physiology and pathology, an engineer will see things as equations, numbers and drawings, a chemist will announce the secret of life as Alchemy. So a sleep scientist will explain everything by -you guessed it- Sleep!
As much as I enjoyed the book, I thought it was trying too much sometimes! There was a graph depicting the relationship between Obesity and sleep and it shows that through the years we have been sleeping less and thus becoming more obese. Which has a certain truth to it but we can not ignore the changes in food and lifestyles too!
🌟 Also the author would tell you that if you don’t sleep well (I assure you that 99% of us don’t) then you will get Alzheimer, cancers, obesity, diabetes and all sort of things… If you find this idea uncomfortable then you may want to skip this.
🌟 Summary & Prescription: I really enjoyed this book as much as I expected to. It is kind of scientific but still awesome to read. I like that the author provided concrete evidence -Although I want to discuss some things further more- through the book and that it was not all theories. I recommend this for all of you looking for a non-fiction book and are interested in Sleep! I am giving this 4 out of 5 stars!

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Happy reading and Sleep tight I guess?

If you want this book you can get it from here:

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  1. I’m so fanatical about getting enough sleep, and sleeping well. I started looking into the links between poor sleep and illness a while ago, and it’s a fascinating subject. This book sounds really useful 🙂

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  2. Wow.. if that were the case then most of us are doomed! lol. I am glad you enjoyed this and sleep is very interesting! I do know, I need more of it. haha

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