This Is Going To Hurt

Ebook, 256 Pages
Nonfiction/ Medical/ Biography/ Humor
By: Adam Kay
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟.5

β€œA great doctor must have a huge heart and a distended aorta through which pumps a vast lake of compassion and human kindness.”

🌟 Yet another non-fiction I am reviewing at my blog! Who am I???
This book is special since it is an insight to the medical field. I read this as a medical student but I am reviewing it as a doctor now.

🌟 The book had a shaky start and I was not impressed which I actually foresaw. I just didn’t expect that the author’s style is for me from the start but things were going in the right direction and I was intrigued so I continued to give it a chance.

🌟 I didn’t know that the author was a Gynecologist and funny coincidence is that I read this one while preparing for my Gyne exam. I am mentioning this because I want to point out that Adam was apparently an excellent doctor and that the book was scientifically very accurate.

🌟 The humor may have made a difficult topic easier to approach but it was not always funny nor it was always appropriate. I just wish that the book had a more serious tone at some points.

🌟 I like that this showed how doctors and the medical workers in general suffer, it showed how there is a problem with the system. What I am going to say is that we doctors are human!! It may sound stupid but really people do think of doctors as robots who should function on 100% all the time, not have any negative emotions!
When I got really sick earlier this year, the first response I was getting from like 99% of the people around me is “You are a doctor, you should not get sick”. I am pretty sure it is all in good spirits and meant as a kind of a joke but people really want that from us!

🌟 I am ending with a quote that I loved and that sums our mission in life as doctors. I think Adam said it perfectly:

β€œSo I told them the truth: the hours are terrible, the pay is terrible, the conditions are terrible; you’re underappreciated, unsupported, disrespected and frequently physically endangered. But there’s no better job in the world.”

🌟 Prescription: For all people in general and for medical workers specially. I already recommended this to my close friends/ colleagues!


  1. “The humor may have made a difficult topic easier to approach but it was not always funny nor it was always appropriate” – That’s true, certainly; there were points where I felt like he was being a bit crude. But have you considered that maybe its like his coping mechanism? Perhaps he is left a bit traumatised from all that he’s seen and experienced and humour (even bad humour) is just his way of dealing with it? I really liked this book too. It showcased the life of juniour doctor with no filter ;). I have a review of it too on my blog if you’re interested.

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