Again, but Better review

E-ARC, 384 Pages
NA/ Contemporary/ Romance/ Magic Realism
By: Christine Riccio
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟.5

🌟 I am going to start first by thanking the publisher who provided me with an E-ARC through Netgalley.
Another Disclosure: I know who Christine is, I like that she started booktube. I am not a subscriber to her channel so what follows is a subjective review regardless of who Christine is!

🌟 The writing in the first page was the first thing that captured my attention. I may not mean this in the best possible way. I mean a plane was described as a pen with wings and I thought that this is going to be a torture. Fortunately, it wasn’t! The writing after that was good. I am not saying it is perfect but it is good for a debut.

🌟 I like that the characters were new adults rather than in high school which is kind of a new experience I enjoyed. Shane was obviously based upon Christine and I do know that although I am not an expert when it comes to the author. This actually didn’t bother me. It made the character more realistic as I know there is someone out there like her. Also, how do we know that other authors don’t do that all the time? Simply, we don’t!

🌟 The setting was also good, I was kind of confused at the second part because no one frigging told me that there is magic in this book and I thought it was supposed to be a normal contemporary. But at the point where I finished the book, I wasn’t confused which is a good thing!

🌟 Plot wise, I liked the idea of the story and then the title made much more sense when I realized what was happening. I am actually not the biggest fan of the romance in this one and it was actually faster than expected.

But plot wise, I liked how it dealt with parents expectations and dreams. I liked the medicine school part and was touched by it. I kind of was in the same place as I didn’t want to study medicine at first.

🌟 Summary and prescription: I have seen mixed reviews about this book and decided to read it and review it without any biases. It felt like a debut at many times but it also had some really good moments. I think some things could be written Again, but better (pun intended). I do recommend this to high school graduate who are still lost and can’t take a decision!


  1. Great review! I’m a bit hesitant to read this one after reading through a few reviews, because I’m not sure I’ll enjoy reading about the protagonist. I was NOT aware that this book had magic in it, but now you have me curious! (is time travel involved, because of the title?? If so, I may have to read it lol)

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  2. Thanks Kelly ❀
    I was hesitant too but did not regret reading it! I didn't see many reviews mentioning the magic and yes you guessed it right. (Kind of going back in time hence the title!)

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