You Asked for Perfect Review

Ebook, 288 Pages
YA/ Contemporary/ LGBT
By: Laura Silverman
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟

β€œ I’ve been so busy racing to the finish line, I haven’t thought much about what happens when I cross it.”

🌟 Have you ever read an average book at the perfect time and you liked it very much for that?
That was me and this book. I read it during my last finals in med-school. I am not kidding you, I was like: Why isn’t there a book about the education system and all this stress we’re going through. The NEXT DAY I find this while browsing through Goodreads and I knew I had to read it immediately!

🌟 What is this book about?

Ariel is like the golden boy, he is the class valedictorian, he can play violin, he is fit, he is nice, he is bisexual and he is just too perfect. Until one day, he fails a calculus quiz and all his dreams and plans start to be threatened! Enter Amir, a Muslim gay boy who is an expert in Calculus. I think you know where this going…

🌟 I will focus on the message of this book as I think it is the best thing in this book! This is not only about Ariel and Amir, this is about a whole educational system and thousands of stressed out young students. there is a quote that expresses the pressure we put on students here:

β€œThey make us think the grade is more important than the learning, and that’s messed up.”

🌟 Ariel was very relatable to me, I am not a violin player, I am not as good as many things he is. But I get it, I was Valedictorian in high school and it used to stress me out very much, I tried to balance things more in University. I can say that I succeeded to a certain extent. I will never stop being a perfectionist, because that’s integrated in me, but I will stop being effed up by it!

🌟 The writing was acceptable for me, It was not special but I think that works better for this story. I was annoyed by some repetitions as “Spearmint & Basil”.

I think some things were unrealistic and taken to the extreme. Examples: Ariel wants to go to the school without his shirt at the beginning of the story because he forgot to put it on??
The Muslim Parents accepting their gay son this easily… I wish things were like that but I have never seen such a thing. The parents don’t want their kid to go into medicine while he wants to do so (It is like the total opposite of that!).
And one last thing is the ending, which I have a love/hate relation with. I love it because it was smart and that’s the point of the story, I hate it because I wanted to know more!!

🌟 Summary and Prescription: You Asked for Perfect is an important story to every student out there. The story is fast paced and short which makes it an easy read. I was not convinced by some parts but the message was still too important for me to dislike this!


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