Superman: Dawnbreaker Review

Ebook, 288 Pages
YA/ Fantasy/ Comics
By: Matt de la PeΓ±a
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟.5

🌟 Throw back to 2 or 3 years ago when this whole series was announced and we were all excited. 4 Superhero books by 4 famous authors! Looking back, we hyped it more than it deserved and over all I was disappointed by this series.

🌟 TO be honest I didn’t know the author before this series and apparently he’s controversial and there is tea to spill when it comes to him. I don’t know the details and I needed to continue the series so I decided to read it!

🌟 This book and all books in this series, did not add much to our knowledge of the DC world. I mean I just felt like I was watching a Superman episode but in a book format. Now if you love one of these superheros, you will probably like their story and if you hate them then the same. Batman is my least favorite hero and so was his book!

🌟 Now this is going to sound so lame so be patient with me but Superman is given that name because he is a Super Man!!!!!!
I see many people complaining about this and saying he is overpowered. I guess that was the whole point!

🌟 I will criticize the author for taking it so far as I know Superman is not a super genius, but the author mentions that he throws a couple of Bs into his report for balance. In one scene, his glasses fall down and don’t break and I was like: what, we have super glasses now?? This is bullshit!

🌟 But Superman is supposed to be super powerful, he shoots laser from his eyes and his breath freezes things. He can fly, I think whatever I try, people won’t change their minds! I just enjoyed Superman discovering his powers although sometimes it felt too convenient to drive the plot further.

🌟 I think the writing and the characters were better than I expected but I went with low expectations, so who knows! The story was a story we know before so the book was short and fast paced but it is kind of written for people who already know Superman. I think it should have been a more separate entity.

🌟 Summary: This book -and this goes to this whole series- has been average. We expected something but got another. I did not think it was bad, I enjoyed it more than I did with Catwoman and Batman even. But the whole series has been underwhelming!

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