Restore me Review

Ebook, 435 Pages
YA/ Fantasy/ Dystopia
By: Tahereh Mafi
Rating: 🌟🌟.5

β€œIdiots are highly flammable, love. Let them all burn in hell.”

🌟 Let’s be honest, Restore me by itself is NOT a bad book, Restore me as book 4 in a series is bad!

🌟 I say this with a broken heart as I always recommend this series when I am asked about good series and 2 things account for this: The poetic writing style and the character development which is one of the best I have ever read!

🌟 I wasn’t very happy with Ignite me ending as I wanted more, and the story had more potential for sure which left me reeling with excitement when I saw that we’re getting an extension!

🌟 I know that Tahereh listened to the fans when she added Warner POV, more Kenji and less poetic writing!
That may not seem bad, right?
It actually is because she had destroyed the whole development that she spent 3 books working on, Juliette is annoying and childish as in book. Warner is not Warner, I think she flipped the whole character to make him softer, once again, not good!

🌟 And what about the other secondary characters?! You can’t just ignore all of them and mention only glimpses of them…

🌟 Even Kenji, one of my all time favorite characters had a little change, the character was a bit off and I can say that because he was so relatable :/ But I still like him and the 2 stars are for him!

🌟 The story could have started with the last scene in this book… I don’t know what to say.
I only hope that book 5 is better.

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