Defy Me Review

Ebook, 352 Pages
YA/ Fantasy/ Dystopia
By: Tahereh Mafi
Rating: 🌟.5

β€œIt’s not insane to imagine that sometimes even horrible people are searching for a way out of their own darkness.”

🌟 Adele once said: “This is the end, hold your breath and count to ten”.
I think she was talking about Defy Me, I think this book brought the end of this series. I also had to count to ten so I don’t throw my iPad after finishing the book.
This is an angry review and your boy is about to serve some tea!

🌟 So, as you saw in my review of the last novel and novella in this series, I was not happy. I had low expectations (no more high hopes for this series). But Tahereh did it. She found a way to make it worse and for that I salute her! This reminds me of University where doctors used to tell us we don’t make anyone fail unless they absolutely want to.

🌟 So what went wrong?

I think not many things went right to start with. I thought the series may have used an extension but I am sure that it does not need it now. If you go to the first trilogy, you will find that it has many 1 star reviews and it was controversial. Tahereh used a poetic prose then that readers either loved or hate. There was so much love for Warner and Kenji was growing a fan base.
Tahereh wanted this series to succeed so she went with what people want, more Kenji, more Warner, More Juliette (will always be Juliette) and less Adam (I hate this!!).
I think this may have pleased some readers but I think Tahereh’s true success was when she was herself, when she kept using her style despite all the criticism!!!

🌟 The writing is actually so average now. I can’t distinguish that it was written by the same old Tahereh as I was able to. This is not totally bad and it may give new readers a chance to read the series.

🌟 But what I hated most was the plot, it is like everything we know is a lie, everything is cancelled (More cancelled than James Charles is!!). I think this is a major pet peeve for me now. When authors suddenly are like, you know the character that we spent 3 books trying to kill? He’s actually alive because that was a Doppelganger and I forgot to tell you that. (This is not the case here, don’t worry it is not a spoiler).

🌟 These changes are not exclusive to the story-line, the characters changed too. Juliette is back to book 1 or 2 level of development. Kenji my babe, is now cringy. Warner the dark brooding hero is now soft and fluffy??!
Who are you people?!!!

🌟 Summary: So I think I can go on and on about this series, but you get the point. I think Tahereh ruined this series for part of us while trying to please the other part. I think that this series now is beyond saving!
Will I continue the series ever again? I seriously don’t know, if this was the first book then it will be a definite No from me but since this is book 5, I may read this just out of curiosity.

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