Things My Son Needs to Know About the World

Ebook, 208 Pages
Non-Fiction/ Humor/ Autobiography
By: Fredrik Backman
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

β€œWords matter. Be better.”

🌟 This was kind of a short book and so will be this review! The book is just 200 pages but as expected from Mr.Backman, those 200 are funny and very important.

🌟 Mr.Backman has such a wonderful writing style that I think makes his book such a success. He also has a kind of an acquired taste of humor that is very similar to mine and that’s why I find his books very relatable and enjoyable.

🌟 As opposed to his other books, this is a non-fiction book and as the name implies it is Fredrik’s advice to his son! The man always write about very important things and other men should learn from him. I don’t know how he can change subjects from store lines and airports and bathroom lights to sensitive subjects as respecting others regardless of color, religion or sexuality. The man can write a book about cooking and I am sure it will still have an important message!

🌟 So in short, I recommend this book for all fathers in the world. In about 200 pages, the author introduces advice for a life time!

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