Cut & Run Review

Ebook, 376 Pages
Mystery/ Romance/ LGBT
By: Madeleine Urban, Abigail Roux
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟.5 Stars

β€œFuck,” Zane murmured, pulling Ty closer. β€œYou’re worse than heroin.”

🌟 This was a whole new experience and I am living for it. I never thought that this genre exists but it apparently does and I need to read more books in this genre!

🌟 What is this book about? This is about FBI agents Zane and Ty investigating a case of a serial killer. They have a hate relationship that slowly turns into a love relationship.

🌟 What I find strange about this genre is that it mixes two totally different things, the romance which are usually not deep novels and sometimes are just pure smut, on the other hand we have mystery and crime which are rigid and do not have place for such things. This brings the best of both worlds into one novel. I think the problem is achieving a balance between the two things which was not perfect in this novel but I think the rest of the series has great potential!

🌟 The writing is very good and I was absorbed into the story, reading without even looking at the page numbers. The characters are excellent. I love both agents and their boss, their was some cheese which I expected to be there since it is a romance novel.

β€œIf I’d been there, I might have been able to do something. But I wasn’t, and I lost them.”

β€œAnd if you’d been there,” Ty said softly, β€œI would have lost you.”

🌟 my problem was with the plot which started as very interesting and at some point the serial killer was obvious and I was waiting for the When -will they be revealed- rather than Who done it, because they keep giving you the same hint and there are not many characters in this book so the criminal was saying I am here to me as a reader.

🌟 It is also the first time I read a novel with a serial killer which I found intriguing, I wanted to know more about the motive but life does not give us all that we want after all! I found some things questionable and I am not going to go about them here, but feel free to dm me if you wanna know!

🌟 Summary: A great mix between two different genres that is amazing, the characters, the writing and pacing were great. There was some cheese, repetition and unnecessary scenes! I still enjoyed it a lot and willing to continue the series.

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