Senlin Ascends Review

Paperback, 389 Pages
Adult/ Fantasy/ Steampunk
By: Josiah Bancroft
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

β€œIt is easier to accept who you’ve become than to recollect who you were.”

🌟 I have had this book on my TBR list before it was even published by Orbit books. This is an indie author book which shows that these authors deserve more chances and all the love in the world! There are many hidden gems out there by self-published authors!

🌟 The first thing that struck me was the writing style which is pretty good. I felt that it was more mature than the other books I read which solidified the fact that I should be reading more adult books!

β€œI’m going to feel very weak and you’re going to feel very dumb. But that’s how it always is in the beginning. Learning starts with failure.”

🌟 The characters are excellent, I consider this to be a character driven book and I found myself rooting for Senlin most of the time, the characters are not all good or all bad which is something I appreciate. All the treachery, selfishness and plots that were woven made the characters seem more genuine for me! Also the development of Senlin’s character is praise-worthy.

🌟 The pacing is not bad either, the book is divided into 3 parts each subdivided into multiple chapters which makes it more gripping and easier to read. I learned a new genre which is Steampunk and I think it was a good experience!

🌟 I don’t want to say what is the book about because it may be more fun to go into it knowing nothing. I may have had different expectations and more fantasy elements which have dulled my experience a tiny bit! I blame myself for this and not the author to be honest. I should also mention how freaking original it was and I have never read something similar before.

🌟 Summary: Senlin Ascends is a great book, made greater by the fact it was the author’s debut and it was a self published work. It did not feel that way though as it hit all the right elements of the story! I think I can recommend this to all fans of SFF books, I will be continuing this series for sure!


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