Deposing Nathan Review

Ebook, 400 Pages
YA/ LGBT/ Contemporary
By: Zack Smedley
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

β€œIt’s not cute when people try to β€˜fix’ each other. It’s cringey and dysfunctional. We both need to already have our shit worked out before we bring anyone else into it.”

🌟 So one of my friends have told me you are the stingiest reader when it comes to 5 stars! I think I deserve that title because this is my 50th book for this year and still no 5 stars. I feel like I need to explain why this is not a 5 stars book for me as all of my friends who read it gave it 5 stars. And it is not that I am losing anything if I give 5 stars but I feel that there is an ethical obligation for me to be as honest as possible so let’s break my thoughts into the elements of the story as usual!

🌟 I am starting with the characters as I felt they were the focus of the story. Nathan and Cam are both well written and realistic, the YA genre is filled with precocious or immature characters but the characters in this book acted according to their age; they were cursing and were confused and were still discovering themselves and the world which is cool. But their drama may have been a bit repetitive and too much toward the end!
We also have aunt Lori, she reminds me of Dolores Umbridge and I may have wanted to punch her in the face the whole book. Nate’s father was absent a lot and he mentions that in the book so it is OK. What I didn’t like is related to the plot so I will leave it for there.

🌟 The writing is good, not too poetic not rigid. It was not special but I think it was very good as a debut, I also like the nerdy trivia in the book!

🌟The plot was interesting, because the story starts from the end and then we go back and forth to know what happens. I know some readers don’t like this but I assure you that it was not confusing and mostly the story was set in the past. We are trying to know why Nate and Cam who are supposed to be close friends had a fight almost to death! The story is fast paced and can be finished in one day.

🌟 What irked me was that Cam had an eidetic memory, that alone is not sufficient to make him an expert in all fields, medicine for example is more than just mere doses and information to cram. Cam was giving drugs and doses just because he knows them?! That was a tiny detail that I feel originates from the author’s degree in chemistry (Yes, I do read acknowledgments and about the author pages!).

🌟 I like to keep my reviews spoiler free so this is hard to write, There were 2 plot twists at the end, one regarding the deposition which I liked and actually could guess a few pages before it happened. The second one may have been good but I think someone with an eidetic memory should have realized this long before the ending! This sounds vague but when you read it you will understand what I mean!

🌟 So overall, it was a great debut with an amazing LGBT representation and friends dynamics, it is a fast read and worth reading but I still think that some of the details could have been better!

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