The Fellowship of the Ring Book Tag

Thanks for Many Things Bookish for tagging me, I love LOTR and so it is great to do a related bookish tag!

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GANDALF – A Book that Taught you Something

Image result for why we sleep

Since it is a non-fiction book, it taught me many many things about Sleep!

FRODO – A Book that Left a Mark on you

Image result for wonder

This deeply affected me as a medical student, specially my approach to people with deformities!

LEGOLAS – A Book you Finished in One Sitting

I should point out that that does not make it a good book!

GIMLI – A Book that Features an Unlikely Friendship

Image result for the knife of never letting go

Todd and his dog has a cool relationship! They can hear each others thoughts!!!!

MERRY – A Book that Pleasantly Surprised you

Image result for beartown

I didn’t know what to expect when I picked this one, but I was not disappointed at all! One of my favorites!

PIPPIN – A Book that Made you Laugh 

Image result for check please

Graphic novels count after all!

BOROMIR – A Book/Series That you think Ended Too Soon 

Nothing comes to mind right now! I just think there are series that stretched too far!

SAM – A Book with Memorable Side Characters that Stole the Show

Image result for shatter me

Kenji was so good while Juliette was annoying, Kenji started getting his own Novellas and POV after that and he was ruined!

ARAGON – A Book with a Bad/Average Cover

Image result for seven husbands of evelyn

Don’t let the cover fool you! The book is great 😀

GOLLUM – A Book that Had Great Potential But Disappointed you In the End

Image result for revival stephen king

This was my very first horror book, my very first Stephen King book and the ending was so bad, I am salty till now.

I tag:

Katie’s Corner

Gazer of Books

Becky’s Book Blog


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