Gideon the Ninth Review

Paperback ARC, 448 Pages
Adult/ Fantasy/ Sci-Fi/ LGBT
By: Tamsyn Muir
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟

β€œTwo is for discipline, heedless of trial;
Three for the gleam of a jewel or a smile;
Four for fidelity, facing ahead;
Five for tradition and debts to the dead;
Six for the truth over solace in lies;
Seven for beauty that blossoms and dies;
Eight for salvation no matter the cost;
Nine for the Tomb, and for all that was lost.”

🌟 I am pretty sure this will be a huge hit when it is out. I can already see the Which House do you belong to quizzes, people getting tattoos according to their house and quotes being shared too! I developed a hunch over the last 4 years of which books work and which don’t. And although this one did not work for me, it will for many readers! That’s why you may want to take this review with a grain of salt!

Image result for grain of salt!
Here is some salt to do so πŸ˜›

🌟 So let me get straight to the point, what determines whether you like this book or not is the writing style. A friend who I BR this was (He’s a real expert at Fantasy) could not relate to the story and DNF it early. I did not like it either but it was not bad as to make me DNF so I pushed through and after 300 pages, I could finally get into the story! If you like the writing style from the start then I assure you that it will be a very fun ride.
Also is this supposed to be funny? I saw some attempts at that and knew I was supposed to laugh but I just… didn’t? I don’t easily laugh but I didn’t even smile. I can see some readers laughing so that should be good.

Image result for laughing gif not

🌟 The characters were also hard to relate to for me, I did care about a couple of characters and at the end I did care about the MC somehow! There are 9 houses and hence the name of the series and in each house there are at least 2 characters. That means a lot of characters!! I appreciate the glossary at the beginning containing all the houses and characters in them, if it was not there then I would have DNF it from confusion. There is something that I would have done if I were the editor of this book and that is consistently using the name or family name of characters and not just throwing them randomly. I mean there are over 15 characters and when the characters suddenly decide to use the family name I was confused AF and had to keep going back and forth between the glossary and the page I am reading.

Image result for confused gif

🌟 The plot however was good and I don’t think I have ever read a book with necromancers so it was a good and new experience, I have to admit that I was confused about some technical terms and about some scenes but after page 300, I was invested in the story and read it in a whole new spirit!

🌟Summary: Despite all the negative things I said, I really appreciate that the effort that was taken to write this book as it did show from the cover till the last page! I can say that the first 300 Pages were not the best but after that I really enjoyed it and my rating actually approached 4 stars but I could not ignore the first 300 mentioned pages and decided to go for a rating in between. I am currently interested in the second book after thinking about this for a few days so I might actually give it a chance! I also think that many readers will like it so don’t let this review discourage you. The first few chapter are available online for free as I recall, try reading them and if you liked them then you will LOVE this!


  1. This book is totally out of my comfort zone but I still wanted to give it a try… your lovely review definitely is helping me keep my expectations reasonable 😊😊😊

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