More Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops Review

Ebook, 122 Pages
Non-Fiction/ Humor/ Books
By: Jen Campbell
Rating: 🌟

“CUSTOMER: I’d like to buy this audiobook.
CUSTOMER: Only, I don’t really like this narrator.
CUSTOMER: Do you have a selection of narrators to choose from? Ideally, I’d like Benedict Cumberbatch”

🌟 I rarely give 1 star ratings because I know authors put a lot of work to produce a book, I didn’t feel that much effort was put into this! And the illustrations were so meh…

🌟 I mean it was just random things customers say in bookshops, and some things were not weird, I found most not funny at all. I think it was more like Weird things drunk customers say. I even felt there were some things that were said as a part of truth or dare. I used to play this with my colleagues in the hospital and we would say and do the strangest and most stupid things! I don’t laugh easily and this further proves this because in 157 pages, I don’t believe I laughed once!


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