June Wrap-Up

🌟 June is the month were I officially graduated and I had more time to read. I was able to finish 14 books with an average rating of 3.82🌟 which is better than most of the previous months! Here are these books:

1- Senlin Ascends: 4 🌟


2+3- Check, Please (vol 1 and season 3): 4 🌟

Image result for check please

4- Bedfellow: 2.75 🌟

Image result for bedfellow book

5- Deposing Nathan: 4 🌟


6- Natalie Tan’s book of Luck and Fortune: 4 🌟

Image result for Natalie Tan's Book of Luck and Fortune

7- Finale: 4 1/4 🌟

Image result for finale stephanie garber

8- Gideon the Ninth: 3 🌟


9- Daisy Jones and the Six: 4 🌟

10- Jade City: 4 🌟


11- Heartstopper: 3.5 🌟

Image result for heartstopper

12- I Was Born for This: 4 🌟

Related image

13- The Storm Crow: 3 🌟


14: Nevernight: 5 🌟 (Favorite book of the month)

🌟 I finally found a 5 stars book! Will I be as lucky in July?


  1. Fantastic month! I read radio Silence by Alice oseman and it was my first by her but not my last!

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  2. So I checked this morning…. it said declined BUT it was available for download on my dashboard! So I downloaded it and it’s on my kindle now. Not sure what happened there but YAY!!

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  3. I know what happened! They declined it first but then auto approved you for all their titles! Happened to many reviewers lately! So I guess Congratulations and you can check the catalogues for their other titles!

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  4. Woah!! That’s so crazy! I cried a little. I haven’t posted a review like all year!! I’m excited to read Darkdawn though! I’ll have to be chill on the downloads too. πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

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