Book Discussion: My Mid-reading Life Crisis

🌟 I honestly don’t know how to start this discussion. I feel Like I have a few things to say and I don’t know what to begin with. I may start with the number of books I have read this year: 61 and the number of books out of these that I gave 1 star: 1 book!!! Maybe that’s what made me think and led to this post, so let me explain.

🌟 Reading as any other hobby or skill gets better the more you do it, I am certainly not the same reader I was 4 years ago and that’s a good thing. This community have taught me a lot of things and I am no more a reader who just cares about a good plot twist because books are much more than that.

🌟 I was looking at my last year’s favorite books that I gave 5 stars, you can check them all here. What I noticed while I was writing that post is that most of them were not YA, although it is my most read genre. For example: Kingdom of Ash, The Poppy War, The Well of Ascension, Never Die and others! On my list and out of 15 books there were only 3 YA books and that made me think what if I am reading the wrong genre?!

🌟 Also a conversation with some of my reader friends made me realize another thing: The YA books I read and enjoyed read mostly like adult books, examples include: Six of Crows and Strange the Dreamer!

🌟 I enjoyed YA books before very much and I still do occasionally but this June and coincidentally, I read mostly adult fantasy and contemporary books and when I wrote my June Wrap-Up, I noticed that my average rating was the highest in a while, I noticed that I gave most books 4 stars and that I finally found a 5 stars book! Furthermore, The books I rated least were YA!!

🌟 Now I don’t want this post to be interpreted the wrong way, I don’t think YA books are bad, I don’t think adults shouldn’t read them because that would be stupid! I just have read enough that most new books I read are a copy or a mix of something that I have read before! I used to get excited about all the YA releases and all the beautiful covers they have but now, I really skip most of them. Sometimes I read the synopsis and I swear I know what is going to happen in the book.

🌟 I started by reading MG books like most of us do and then I read less and less until I was not reading them anymore and this is kind of happening again now! That’s why I was excited about the New Adults hashtag that was used earlier this year and that some of my favorite authors are writing adults books: Leigh Bardugo, V.E. Schwab, Jay Kristoff and CC!

🌟 So will I stop reading YA books? Probably not happening soon. I am reading more and more adult fantasy and my love for reading has been reignited! I will be reading more of those but will also read some YA books that I am interested in. Once again, YA is important and have many great books but I think it is a me not the books kind of things! I have always been good at recognizing patterns and learning things and so I am losing much of enjoyment when I read these books!

What do you guys think?


  1. I’m having similar feelings about YA contemporaries but I still mostly love YA fantasy a lot…. it’s just that I haven’t really liked adult fantasy much yet but I hope I’ll start reading and finding some new favorites in that genre too…
    Great post and can relate to so much !!!

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  2. I don’t have a specific genre when I’m reading. I mostly read anything that I will find interesting. But, I agree that reading books and how I review it changed too when I started book blogging.

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  3. Oh yeah I totally get what you mean about the YA you like being most like adult books- it’s the same for me! And I also am finding that I’m skipping more of them, even though I still like YA. I also don’t see myself stopping entirely, but I really relate to reading less of it.

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  4. I also really love the YA fantasy that reads more adult, but I think that is largely a product of adult SFF still being over saturated by white men. It’s harder for women to break into that space, and a lot of women just get pigeonholed into YA. That said, they are bringing life to a genre and filling a need I’ve had for 15 years! I with YA like today was around when I was a teenager. Great post, and there is nothing wrong with your tastes shifting.

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  5. I think that is 100% true! I just think women who are already famous in the YA world should pave their world into adult books because that it is the only way they can get their voices heard!


  6. Great post, Hamad! My close friend has been dealing with a similar situation. She hasn’t been too happy with most of the YAs she’s been reading, and has started branching off to reading more Adult fiction (fantasy and contemporaries alike). I love YA as much as the next reader, but I have realized that there are a handful of adult fiction books that I’ve grown to love too! Works by Bardugo and Schwab, for instance, lean closer to the Adult side of the spectrum, but I still enjoyed them profusely! I think there’s nothing wrong in the slightest with your reading preferences changing over time! You should read whatever you like, and from whichever genres/sub-genres your heart desires! πŸ™‚

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  7. Thanks Kelly!
    I think you understood what I was trying to convey perfectly ❀
    I just wish more of my beloved YA authors start writing more NA and adult books as I still want to support them!


  8. I didn’t even link my book habits to phasing out middle grade books. When did that happen?
    You are completely right that sometimes our love of a genre of book can slowly bleed away and be filled by new ones. I hope I never lose my love of fantasy!

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  9. I definitely relate to this post. I feel like my preferences have changed as I’ve aged. I still really love YA books, and I think I will for a very long time.
    Yet I find relate to adult fiction now more than I used to and find that sometimes they get into themes or subjects in a greater depth than in YA. Perhaps as we gain life experience it’s natural that our reading expands into books and genres we wouldn’t have originally thought ourselves fans of.

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