Get To Know YA- Book Tag

🌟 Hey everyone, I am doing a tag today! I was tagged by Gazer of Books, thank you so much! This seemed easy and fun to do so let’s do this.

Favourite Book of All Time

Related image

This is a very hard question but SoC was a game changer in my reading life and it will always have a special place in my heart!

Favourite Book Five Years Ago

Image result for harry potter and the chamber of secrets

HP and the chamber of secrets was what ignited my love of reading, I was not a reader 5 years ago, this may be the only book I have read 5 years ago but it is still a favorite!

Favourite Duology / Trilogy / Series

Favorite Duology is Soc and Crooked Kingdom
Favorite Trilogy is The Illuminae files but looks like it will be Nevernight soon
Favorite Series is Harry Potter of course!

Last Book You Read

Image result for love from a to z

I just finished this one last thing before going to sleep yesterday!

Last Book of Poetry I Read

Image result for mouthful of forevers

I read Mouthful of Forevers last year and it seems I should pick up one or two poetry books this year!

What Book Influenced Your Life

Image result for wonder

As a medical student previously and a doctor now, Wonder has changed the way I view patients!

Book That Made You Ugly Cry

Image result for when breath becomes air

When Breath becomes air not only made me cry, It also made the 4 people I recommended this to cry too!!!

Book That Made You Laugh

Kings of the Wyld was so funny and silly!

Character You’d Like To Be For a Day

Image result for kaz brekker
Kaz Brekker and no comment

Books So Good You Dreamt About It

It is funny that I dream about books that I haven’t read rather than the ones I did read! I dreamt about reading Crazy Rich Asians and The Sword of Kaigen last week!

Image result for the sword of kaigen

Book You DNF’d

Image result for spinning silver

Naomi Novik books are just not for me!

What Book Are You Excited to Read

Image result for the ninth house

Although I have many books on my anticipated books list, The Ninth House is on the top of the list.

🌟 I am nominating some of my new followers:

Pam Who Cried Books

Bookmark your Thoughts

The Unseen Library


  1. I loved seeing your answers! Who would want to be Kaz for the day?!
    I don’t enjoy Naomi Novik books either… I liked the premise of Uprooted but wasn’t really feeling it.

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  2. Thank you for tagging me! I actually don’t think I’ve done the YA version of the “Get to Know” tag, so this should be fun! Harry Potter remains to be my favourite series … and I don’t think that’s ever going to change ha-ha! I can’t wait to re-read them! If I don’t get to that this year, it’s my goal for 2020.

    I need to get my hands on Love From A to Z! I was going to do a group read-a-long but I couldn’t get the book in time 😦 but I still want to read it 😀

    I’m so glad Wonder impacted you in a good way! it’s one of my favourite children’s novels! I fell in love with the story so much.

    Kaz is a bawler! Seriously, I want his intelligence so badly! And I’m buddy reading “Kings of the Wyld” in August … SO EXCITED!

    Lovely answers and post!

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  3. Nice post, and this tag seems fun. I loved the SoC duology, too! It’s what really got me into YA books. How did you like the Sword of Kaigen?

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  4. Thank you!

    I didn’t know that, oops!

    I want to re-read HP using the illustrated books that are so expensive lol!

    I actually read love from A to Z with a book club!

    Wonder was great, First book to make me cry at the end too.

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  5. this is suchhhh a great tag! you really inspired me to answer this one.
    i was surprised you were able to narrow it down for only two trilogies! when i was trying to come up with answers for myself, i ended up with around five. i didn’t even remember i had read this many trilogies to be honest, but a lot of those are old favorites that have really shaped me into who i am.
    speaking of which, i love you chose wonder for that answer! i love that book soooo much and i was just considering re-watching the movie for the third time, though i know i’m going to cry so badly, i need to make sure i have nothing to do tomorrow because my eyes will be hella swollen, hahah. that is a really moving and beautiful story and i loved that it has changed how you see your work. i think this is really powerful, but i can totally see that coming from this book, because even though it may look like just a middle grade cute novel about a young boy feeling out of place, it’s a much deeper story than that.
    thanks for sharing!

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  6. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on this one!!
    I read many many trilogies too but I always try to think of who currently occupies #1!
    Wonder was really great! I recommend it for everyone, I unfortunately haven’t seen the movie but I will and I know I will cry like a baby when I do so.
    Don’t mention it ❤

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  7. Great answers!! Six of Crows truly is a sensational book, and haha, it would be so much fun to be Kaz for a day! I adored Wonder with all my heart and soul, and I loved all the different point-of-views displayed in that book! I cannot wait for Ninth House either – I don’t think it’s physically possible for me to NOT read everything by Leigh Bardugo. Haha!

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