The Fever King Review

Ebook, 375 Pages
YA/ Fantasy/ Sci-Fi/ Dystopian/ LGBT
By: Victoria Lee
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟

“That was the whole point. Governments didn’t have to listen to the people until the people made it hurt to not listen.”

🌟 I picked this up because a couple of trusted bloggers read it and loved it. The book came out during the time I had my finals back at university. I then started seeing many disappointed readers reviewing it and this book’s average rating was going down steadily (At the time of this review it is 3.77). I still wanted to read this because it sounded interesting and I now know what is happening so let me explain.

🌟 This is a debut and their are some mistakes that I do understand. I have been reading many great debuts lately but I always keep this is mind. I think the execution of this book was OK at best!

🌟 I don’t know how to say this but the writing style seems clinical and a bit too “rigid”. I found out that I was right and the author is doing her PHD in science! The book was not long but I found myself dozing off a couple of times while reading it. The writing was not bad to be fair but I think it needed to be more flexible and alive!

🌟 The other problem is that book tried to be many things at once, If you check what I wrote under genre above, I put YA/ LGBT/ Fantasy/ Dystopian and Sci-Fi. This reminded me of Marie Lu’s Legend series without the fantasy parts! There is a reason why I mostly avoid Dystopian novels these days and that is because I swear they all have the same plot, at least that is what I feel! There is always a virus and a prodigy and betrayals and I knew what would happen in this book after finishing just a few chapters!

🌟 There were many tropes that made this easy to predict and the characters were not multidimensional! I thought the haters to lovers trope was not convincing and I didn’t care what happened to the main characters. Their actions and conversations also became redundant at some point!

🌟 Summary: This is a harsh review but you know me, I can’t pretend that this is something that it is not! I follow the author on twitter and she is a really great person, I don’t have anything against her but it is what it is! I think TFK was a book that I have read many times before in different books, the characters were not easy to connect to and there were repetitions! I am not going to continue the second book when the book comes out but I will be reading the web comic as it may be better and easier to read!


  1. I was a bit on the fence about this one when I first heard about it. I had to preorder in support of the author since she was getting a lot of hate on amazon because it was an LGBTQ book. I have seen mix reviews about it. You’re definitely not the only reviewer I’ve seen bring up these points. I’m still excited to try it though. Great review, thank you for pointing out some of these things.

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