Love From A To Z

Ebook, 384 Pages
YA/ Contemporary/ Romance
By: S.K. Ali
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

β€œMake sure that you make the beginning of whatever you begin beautiful.”

🌟 This is not a solid 4 stars read for me, but I decided to be generous as I don’t read many books with great Muslim Representations!

🌟 The writing was good, It was not magical or anything special. I was bothered by the HP references that are now apart of almost every YA contemporary. I feel authors use it to sound cool and relatable but seeing it time after time became a pet peeve for me, where is the creativity people?!
But I need to mention that it was only a small thing I didn’t like, for the most part, it was good (although a bit cheesy at the end).

🌟The characters were cool too! I appreciate how she wrote 2 Muslim characters who are religious without being too free or too extremist! I said the same thing in I Was Born For this review and I am mentioning it again for its importance! We Muslims are normal people and we do everything!

🌟 The book deals with quite a few heavy topics such as lost of a family member, Multiple sclerosis and Islamophobia! The last part gave me The Hate U Give Vibes and I was glad for that as someone who deals with Islamophobia both online and in real life on a daily basis! I think it should get more recognition for that reason alone.

β€œI’m not a violent person. I’m not advocating violence. But I am an angry person. I’m advocating for more people to get angry. Get moved.”

🌟 Another virtual hug for the author for writing a love story without preaching the rules of Religion. there was no sex, no kisses and nothing added to sound edgy and cool! (I am throwing shades at another author here ahem ahem!).

🌟 Summary and Prescription: I enjoyed this book and I loved the messages it try to send! I was not blown away by the writing style but it was not bad at all at the same time. I think it succeeded in creating an accurate representation of Islam in the modern time although it turned a little bit sappy at the end. I recommend this for anyone looking for a great Islam rep!


  1. This does sound like a lovely book and I’m definitely interested in the representation included in this book as unfortunately you don’t see a lot of Muslim rep.
    In the book I am currently reading there is a few Harry Potter references– I don’t read a lot of contemporary so I haven’t see too many references but I can see how after hearing the references again and again it would be frustrating!! πŸ˜‚
    Great review!!

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  2. Great review! I definitely agree with the excess Harry Potter references in every contemporary lately. It’s definitely driving me a big crazy LOL
    This book has been on my TBR for a while, so I’m glad to hear great things about it πŸ™‚

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  3. Wonderful review, Hamad! It’s lovely to hear that the Muslim representation is executed very well! And oh my goodness, I thought it was only I who had issues with the constant use of HP references in books! It was amusing at first, but now it’s become so overdone in many Young Adult novels! Haha

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