The Pancake Book Tag

I was tagged for this by my amazing friend Kelly! I love Kelly’s blog and her aesthetics and she is a very wonderful person. I recommend following her guys! I was a bit hungry so this is the perfect time to do this tag!

The Rules

➽ Link back to the original creator – Becky!

➽ Feel free to use any of the pancake graphics in your post, Thank you Becky! or create your own!

➽ Tag 5 other people at the end of your post, and let them know you’ve tagged them.

The Pancake Book Tag 1
Image result for strange the dreamer

Laini Taylor has a very unique, very beautiful prose and I highly recommend at least trying her books!

The Pancake Book Tag 3
Image result for jesper six of crows

Jesper from Six of Crows was the first ti come to my mind!

Related image

– After all this time?
– Always

The Pancake Book Tag 9
Image result for nevernight

I recently finished this book and didn’t want to read another book after doing so!

The Pancake Book Tag 6
Image result for 'jade city

Go and read this book!

The Pancake Book Tag 4
Related image

Ronan Lynch from TRC surely has many layers! I can’t wait to read his story!

The Pancake Book Tag 5
Image result for agatha christie first book

Who else would let me keep guessing other than the queen on mystery! She wrote it as a dare to a book where you won’t be able to tell who was the murder!!!!!!

The Pancake Book Tag 7
Image result for the wicked king

I agree with Kelly on this one! Beware that I know the relation is not a healthy one!

The Pancake Book Tag 8
Image result for dolores umbridge

No comment!

Image result for kings of the wyld

This book has the weirdest most unique cast ever!!!

Tag time

Gazer of books

Book Bastion


And anyone who is hungry and want a pancake too!!


  1. This is the first time I’m seeing this tag, I really love it 😮 (however I ADORE peanut butter ^^)

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