August TBR

🌟 I am bringing back my monthly TBR since I am more in control of my books and ARCs now and I prefer to have plans for anything I do in life! I may be a little bit ambitious but let’s hope for the best!

1- Monster of Elendhaven

Related image

2- We Should All be Feminists

Image result for we should all be feminists

3- Infinity Son

4- Aurora Rising

Image result for aurora rising

5- The Silent Patient

Image result for the silent patient

6- Syrian Brides

Image result for syrian brides book

7- The Legend of Griffin

Image result for legend of griff

8- The Cardigans

Image result for criminal intentions

9- Scythe

Image result for scythe book

10- Darkdawn

Image result for darkdawn

11- After The Flood,204,203,200_.jpg

12- A Different Time

Image result for a different time book

Bonus Entry (If I have more free time)

13- Trail of Lightning

Image result for trail of lightning

🌟 It looks like this month I will be supporting many indie authors and lesser known ones and that makes me happy!
Do you have any of these books in common? Are there other new releases that I missed? Do you want to do a BR of any of those? Comment below!


  1. I can probably swing it. Doing a BR of Gideon the Ninth starting on the 14th, but I believe I have the audio of Trail. When are you thinking and how do you wanna go about it?

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  2. I can’t wait for your thoughts on Scythe and Aurora Rising, they were both supposed to be on my 2019 TBR by I feel intimidated by them :/

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  3. Scythe has been on my tbr since its first release! I am currently reading it and it I am not that far in but its good!
    Keep checking, I post reviews usually as soon as I finish the book 😀

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