The Dragon Republic Review

E-ARC/ 560 Pages
Adult/ Fantasy/ Military
By: R.F. Kuang
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟.5

β€œYou will be the spear that brings this empire down.” 

🌟 The Poppy War was one of my favorite 10 books last year. This book is one of my most anticipated books for this year, I was so happy when I was given an ARC through Edelweiss from the publisher (Thanks a million) and I did not read it immediately because I was scared of being disappointed! Kuang proved that she is Queen of Fantasy again and I was left satisfied!!

🌟 I will never get over the fact that this book was written by an author who’s the same age as me but she did it when she was 19, which is mind blowing! There are improvements in the writing to be honest but I slightly prefer book 1 and I will explain why here.

🌟 The author has a great prose and although I find these kind of books harder to read than YA ones, I was not bored at all and I found myself wanting more and more! The second half was better than the first half but all of it were good, there is a very good half and an even better one! I did not read TPW before jumping into this one which I regret doing and I think next year I will be re-reading both before diving into book 3 so I can get all the details and not miss anything as this is becoming one of my series books of all times.

🌟 The characters were great, I like how Rin is still morally grey, how she has motives and she feels real! She is not annoying and I feel myself sympathizing with her too sometimes. Here is one of the things I liked better in book 1, the cast was a bit more fun to read and I just LOVE the school setting which of course was not here given that they finished that in book 1. However, try not getting attached to any characters because you never know who dies here!

🌟 The first book had some time jumps but this book mostly happens in one period of time. That was something I also liked in book 1. The world is expanded here and the political intrigue is even more complex and 2 maps were provided and I think there is room for more expansion!

🌟 The plot twists were great and the book still goes into dark places and you need to be in the right mind set to read it! I suck at providing TW so I hope someone else does! I just had to stop from the shock sometimes and I was like “Who hurt you Kuang, whyyyyyyyy??” and I mean this in the best possible way!

🌟 Summary and Prescription: If you liked book 1 then you will probably like this book 2, if you did not read book 1, then what are you waiting for? this is one of the best fantasy books that I recently read and I encourage all fantasy fans to do so but beware of the heavy things it deal with.

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