Recursion Review

Ebook, 329 Pages
Sci-Fi/ Thriller/ Adult
By: Blake Crouch
Rating: 🌟🌟

β€œI know everything feels hopeless to you in this moment, but this is just a moment, and moments pass.”

🌟 Unpopular opinion coming, brace yourselves!

🌟 There are always sign but sometimes we decide to ignore them. 90% of the time when I request a book and my request is declined or is pending, I end up getting it and getting disappointed. My request for Recursion is still pending on Edelweiss and that was the sign I decided to ignore!

🌟 Okay, I did not know about this book until shortly before its release! Then it was getting all those glowing reviews and I loved Dark Matter by the same author so I had to read this one.

🌟 The book started strong, I was a bit confused but I love thought provoking books, I like to ask what if and try to guess the outcomes. The false memory syndrome was also interesting to read. The language is a little bit rigid and scientific which is probably something stupid to say about a Sci-Fi book! I just thought that more emotions are needed and it needs to be more dynamic!

🌟 The problem is that I did not care about the characters, the strong start did not last for long and I was bored and confused. At one point, I even considered DNFing the book! It is a standalone and there were interesting moments that I decided to finish it!

🌟 The plot is good, but the repetitions were redundant and having read Middlegame by Seanan Mcguire, I felt I was reading something similar but less fun! I heard this was better than Dark Matter but I disagree, I picked that book very randomly form the bookstore and I did not even know who was the author then but I finished it in less than 24 hours! It was not the same this time!

🌟 Summary: I am happy about the success this book is getting, but I was not a big fan this time! However, I am still excited for what this author has yet to publish next times!


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