Godsgrave Review

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Paperback, 455 Pages
Adult/ Fantasy/ Fiction
By: Jay Kristoff
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

β€œThat’s the power of words; twenty six little letter can paint a whole universe”

🌟 Looking at the above quote I realized that Mr.Kristoff nailed it again, he painted a great universe using 26 letters! I did not know what to expect after book 1 but I was not disappointed.

🌟 Between the 2 books I prefer book 1, and maybe this rating is closer to 4.5 stars than 5 but I just appreciate the time and effort that has been out into this book. I am a fan of school settings (book 1) which we had only glimpses of. The main theme here was a tournament and more secrets unraveled.

🌟 The writing is actually better this time than book 1, this was easier to get into than book 1. The purple prose more tamed than book 1 and the footnotes were easier to read since I am used to them by now. There are many likeable quotes and what is great about the writing is that the author can write great quotes using the minimal number of worlds!

β€œThe heavens grant us only one life, but through books, we live a thousand.”

🌟 The characters in book 1 were slightly better because the school setting and the flow of the story made them more real! I found it initially hard to care about the new characters and was only excited about characters that I already know whenever they appeared. However, the more I read, the more backstories were revealed, the more I cared and the saltier I got when one of them dead and beware beloved reader that O, this book is brutal.

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🌟 The world-building is still amazing as in book 1 and it is one of the most well written worlds that I visited.

🌟 The plot was a bit confusing at the start as there were 2 timelines and it was slow but as usual the second half makes up for the first half and the twists kept coming and new things were revealed and it is was a bit hard to predict which is awesome!

🌟 Summary: This was not very different from book 1, still has awesome story-line and characters with a matching writing! I recommend it for all fantasy fans!

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