Infinity Son

E-ARC/ 368 Pages
YA/ Fantasy/ LGBT
By: Adam Silvera
Rating: 🌟🌟

β€œI didn’t grow up with powers, but I’ve been a brother for eighteen years. No fire burns brighter than that.”

🌟 I am going to be the villain in this story and say that maybe Adam should stick to writing contemporary novels and I am going to explain why. I initially gave the book 3 stars as I felt pressured to do so in support of Adam but that would not be honest. I think 2 stars is a rating I feel more comfortable with.

🌟You see, there is an idea and it sounds kind of good but the execution was not that brilliant. The world building was bad and I am not happy to say this. I think there was no world building to begin with. For the first half of the book, I felt like I was reading one of Adam’s contemporaries. I did not feel that it was fantasy, it read more like a contemporary set in a fantasy world.

🌟 There was a lot of mention of the Blackout which is supposed to be an important event that happened in the past. The elaboration of that event was so minimal that I thought I missed something and I went back and searched the world, and literally what it says about the blackout is (The worst attack New York has seen in my life time) and that’s it, make what you can of that sentence but that does not make it sound like something terrible as it should be.

🌟 I am embarrassed to say that I have already forgotten the names of the characters but that does not surprise me, they were kind of flat and I really did not care about them the way I usually do in Adam’s novels. One of them was annoying and I knew where the story was going after a few pages when we learnt a few things about them.

🌟 I also remembered readers reviews of Again but Better by Christine Riccio because many readers felt they were reading her story and it felt uncomfortable for them to pry on her life and at first I had the same thoughts about this book because I thought the MC was like Adam, both of them are from the Bronx for example.

🌟 The plot was okay, I was not that surprised by the twists but I liked the idea of phoenixes and the re-incarnation aspect. There was another thing I was salty about which is the wands that I felt are supposed to give me the HP vibes but all they did was adding into the mess that is called world building.

🌟 I was excited for this book and I saw readers saying that it gave them tears and heartache and I felt the same but for obviously different reasons (aka disappointment). And I think this book can use some of the phoenix abilities, for example burning and reliving in a different form!

🌟 Summary: OMG, I am certainly upset by my experience reading this book and I won’t be continuing the series unless a miracle happen. The idea is not bad but it was not well executed on paper! I guess I will be waiting for his contemporary and until then, peace ✌️.


  1. This is so disappointing… but your review is great and gives enough information to decide on our own if we wanna read πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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