The Cardigans

Ebook, 212 Pages
Mystery/ Crime/ LGBT romance
By: Cole McCade
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

β€œWe only define others by the value they have to us, and once they no longer provide that value, we let them go.”

🌟 This book reminded me of the Cut & Run series which is similar in having 2 LGBT detectives and a murder going on. I said that I liked the first book in the Cut and Run series but I think this is a better series for many reasons.

🌟 First, this is written by an own-voice LGBT author, second and more importantly is that I said the mystery part in that book was weak, like we have 3 characters, 2 are our main detectives so who did it? The mystery part was much more integrated into the story and interesting, there are clues but it is not very obvious! And third this is written as a TV series, like every book is an episode and they are short (150 to 250 Pages Maximum) so it is a very fast read while the Cut and Run first book was way too long and thus I am sticking with this series for now.

🌟 The characters are the typical tough detective who does not follow the rules strictly and the complete opposite old strict guy. There is diversity in terms of their race, sexual orientation and one of the characters is non-binary and uses They/Them pronouns! The characters are well written and since you are probably wondering about the romance, it is there, it is slow burn and not much action happened yet but I am sure it is early for it to happen in Episode 1.

🌟 The writing is very good and the author certainly know how to grip the attention of readers from the first pages. the book explores many dark themes and I really respect the author for leaving a list of Trigger Warnings at the beginning of the story, there is also an excellent author note at the end so I think the author did a fabulous job in very few pages (relatively).

🌟 The pacing is fast and I think it should calm down a bit sometimes but I think it kept me hooked and we will get the rest of the answers in the next books!

🌟 Summary: This is a very strong opening of what could be a very good series, it is diverse, well written, short and enjoyable so if you are interested in this genre, this is a very good place to start!

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