The Netflix Book Tag

I have been tagged for this one by Siobhan who always have cool tags so be sure to check her blog!

Recently Watched | The Last Book You Finished

Image result for aurora rising

Unfortunately I was disappointed with this one!

Top Picks | A Book That Has Been Recommended to You Based on What You’ve Previously Read

Image result for nevernight

Nevernight and I loved this one!

Recently Added | The Last Book You Purchased

Image result for the rithmatist

I ordered The Rithmatist online but haven’t received it yet, I am in the mood for something by Sanderson but do not want something huge!

Popular on Netflix | Books That Everyone Knows (Two You’ve Read, and Two You Have No Interest in Reading)

The Two I read:

Image result for six of crows
Image result for city of bones

The Two I am not interested in:

Image result for divergent
Image result for wayward son

Comedies | A Funny Book,204,203,200_.jpg

Dramas | A Character Who Is a Drama Queen/King

Image result for red queen

Animated | A Book with Cartoons on the Cover

Image result for heartstopper

Watch It Again | A Book or Series You Want to Reread

Image result for captive prince trilogy

I have been having the urge to re-read this series!

Documentaries | A Nonfiction Book You’d Recommend to Everyone

Image result for when breath becomes air

I am recommending this to all my friends who work in medicine and to all people in general!

Action and Adventure | An Action-Packed Book or Series

Image result for a darker shade of magic

This book was fast paced with short chapters and action!

New Releases | A Book That Just Came Out or Will Be Coming Out Soon That You Can’t Wait to Read

Image result for ninth house

I am not tagging anyone, if you like Netflix then you are tagged!


  1. I loved the Rithamist 😭😍
    It’s more MG than YA but the plot is just pure GENIUS 👏👏👏
    I hope you enjoy it 🙃

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great tag, Hamad! I still have 50 pages left of Aurora Rising, but disappointing is definitely the word I would use for it too, unfortunately. The MC in the Red Queen is a huge drama queen, and is honestly the first person I thought of when I saw that prompt! Haha!

    Liked by 1 person

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