The Legend Of Griff

Kindle book/ 291 Pages
Fantasy/ Humor
By: Richard Sparrow
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

“In the first place he was an orphan, and while this may not typically be a desirable lot in life, it is a universal truth that no one can ever aspire to becoming a hero with living, healthy parents getting in the way.”

🌟 I did now know what to expect when I was offered a review copy by the author, I read the synopsis and it sounded good, I am not a big fan of the cover as it looks juvenile but the story exceeded my expectations.

🌟 I was checking the reviews before reading this one and they were saying that it is not your typical story and it was unique, I do agree with that and that made it even better!

🌟 The writing is funny and sarcastic, it reminded me of Jay Kristoff’s sarcasm but without all the smut! I still do not know what I the right genre for this one as it sometimes felt like YA and sometimes as adults, it is brutal and there is some cursing, our hero is 40 years old but that is young in goblin’s lifetime and that just shows how unique it was xD.

🌟 The characters felt realistic and I could relate to them, there was a connection to them and I did care about them which all means they were well written of course! There are a lot of hidden surprises but read the book to discover them. The idea is we are seeing things not from the humans perspective which is a refreshing addition to the book world.

🌟 I liked that the book was not very long and could be read quite fast, I did not know that this is a series but with that cliffhanger, I had to know lol!

🌟 Summary: A quick, funny and light-hearted read that I think is excellent for specially those transitioning from YA to adult fantasy and to all fantasy fans in general. If you are looking for a self-published author to support then you can buy this one!


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