Top 5 books Set In Space

I was not in the mood today to write a review so I decided to do another one of Mandy‘s Top 5 book tags! Today the theme is Top 5 set in space and so I am bringing you 5 books I could think of, I don’t read much books in space so this was tricky but I could manage to find 5 that I either read or I plan to read and these are the 5 books:

Image result for the illuminae files
The Illuminae Files

Image result for the little prince
The Little Prince (You didn’t expect this one, right?)

Image result for red rising
Red Rising

Image result for skyward
Skyward (TBR)

Image result for sleeping giants
Sleeping Giants (TBR)

What about you guys, what are your favorite books set in space? Tell me in the comments below!


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